Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mumster’s Mosaic Box

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Mosaic Box Side
The Mumster (aka my Mom if you’re a newer visitor)  like other members of my family, is an enabler in the best kind of way. Hubs brings me broken and discarded items to see what I can do with them and even though Mom lives several states away, she saves things to bring me when she comes to visit. She had a ceramic piece that broke. Normal people throw these things out. I never pretended to come from normal people! Naturally she said “ You can do something with this right?” I can just imagine that conversation with TSA.

“Ma’am, do you always fly with broken ceramic pieces and if so why?”
Well my daughter’s a crafter and she likes to make things out of broken and discarded pieces and she has a blog called The Answer Is Chocolate that you should go visit

Perfect ingredient for a mosaic project. Oops. I haven’t really ever done a mosaic project! OK no time like the present. I found a couple of these at club GW:
Mosaic Box
Plain wood caddy.  I bought two. They only had two. They were a whole $1.99 but it was 50% off blue sticker day! I painted this one with a lilac acrylic. I also Mod Podged on some coordinating paper. Just did. Don’t ask me why.  Then I got out the pieces along with some glass mosaic tiles I had on hand in the event that I ever got this particular craft urge. I was a Girl Scout. Always be prepared!
For someone who hadn’t done mosaics, I even had a tile nipper for just in case. Mr. Chocolate bought it for me last year at the fair. The guy totally thought he was buying it for himself. HA!
Broke the broken pieces into more pieces and nipped some of the glass tiles and glued to one side of the box:
Mosaic Box Pre Grout
I found some pre-mixed grout at Michaels, more expensive I’m sure than the stuff you can mix yourself, but that’s what 40% coupons are for. Frosted my box ( because it’s like cake frosting) and let it set up then wiped off per instructions. I put a really thick coat on because the pieces were thick and some were rounded and I wanted to get things as even as possible. You will also be wiping a lot longer!
Grouted Box
After I got the grout off I wasn’t happy so typical of me, I started adding stuff. I did a dry brush of white to age it up. I cut some white vinyl with my Cricut to give it some detail. I ripped up some muslin strips that I tied on one side of the handle and added some charms. And then I added some paper flowers I’d bought on my visit to the LA Garment district in April. OK there. Less is not more. MORE is more!
Mosaic Box Detail
Mosaic Box Closeup
Mosaic Box (3)
I think Mom can use it to hold napkins or silverware or stationery or pens or…..Now I just have to ship it to her. Surprise Mumster!
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Unknown said...

Great story Carol. Your Mumster loves you I can tell! What a lovely caddy. You "mosaic" like a pro!

Christine said...

Ahem...more is totally MORE!!! I love it! I have anymore grout around? Hmmmmm...

Melissa said...

Very sweet...

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Love it! Your conversations with your mom sound just like mine. We're always saving broken stuff for each other. You did a beautiful job.

Our Hopeful Home said...

Carol, SO GLAD you got to link up this week! You're so crafty it's awesome! Your mom is a lucky lady to be on the receiving end of your talent! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday's Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva. It's so good to see you there!


Lisa said...

Where did you find your caddy? I've been looking for one and can't find one!

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