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Thursday, April 16, 2015

BFF Open House Link Party #205

The Answer Is Chocolate

I blink and it's Friday eve again. Seriously I am living the movie Groundhog Day which will continue for a while and I want to thank you all for continuing to link up despite the fact that I have had NOTHING to share on the blog lately :(

Some fun ideas from last week's party! 

Heather from Woods of Bell Trees just never runs out of brilliant ideas. I mean never. Would you have guessed that these gorgeous cups were made using temporary tattoos? I have seen these tattoos when I manage to make it out of my home office  lately but  would not have thought of putting them on drinkware! 

I think those tattooed cups would look great on this coffee table tray from 24 Cottonwood Lane. How crisp and fresh is this? 

I adore this end table makeover from Kris at Aurora Patina! You really have to see the table she started with to get this incredible result. Tres chic!

OK I have a spoiled rotten dog but this pet bed from Artsy VaVa takes things to an entirely new level. It has a CHANDELIER...a chandelier people. Again, you need to go see the before to be even more impressed with the after. 

OK now on to this week's party! 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #187

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve and end of the first week of December. Time's flying by and hope everyone's getting their decorating / baking / shopping / wrapping done for Hanukkah and Christmas. 

Here are some features from last week's party and can't wait to see what everyone's been up to this week! 

OK so Mariah from Giggles Galore  linked up the very cool deer mugs she included in her very cool hot chocolate basket, BUT I had to include the whole c basket for full effect because it's a totally awesome gift idea. She used her Cricut Explore ( Aren't you seeing lucky bloggers everywhere sharing awesome things they've made with this new machine? Can the Cricut people feel my mental telepathy sending out pick me to try one out vibes? Oops I digress)

Michelle from Fitting In Life doesn't think she's creative but I have to disagree. In this season of thinking of other people she put together a gift to cheer up a friend . Hers uses an adult beverage but if the harder stuff isn't your thing, you could easily do sparkling cider, soda, etc. Both thoughtful and creative. Sorry to break it to you Michelle, you are creative and you are going to have to get a glue gun now. It's in the bylaws. 

Jenna from 24 Cottonwood Lane is back with a super easy DIY wreath. Supplies from the Dollar store. I love how the pattern repeats and is so crisp and clean!

This week's chocolate feature is from Mama of 3 Munchkins : Hot Fudge Sundae Cake Pops. Yum!

OK on to this week's party!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #186

The Answer Is Chocolate

Welcome to the post turkey naptime edition of the BFF Open House. Hoping everyone had a fabulous feast, and those of you braving the crowds tomorrow are well rested and fortified. 

We are in full on December holiday mode now. Here are some features from last week's party. 

I want this chair that Artsy Va Va made over. I wanted the chair it was before she made it into a Christmas chair. I love everything from the ornaments to the shabby chic goodness of the legs and arms! 

Loving this woodland wreath from Made In A Day using embroidery hoops. 

For a new twist on snowglobes made from jars, put a car in it. Visit 24 Cottonwood Lane for the details. 

Gather miscellaneous votives or jars and tie them together with gold leaf to make a festive display perfect for Christmas or Hanukkah. See the guys at Crafty Lumberjacks to learn how. 

This week's chocolate feature is courtesy of  The Pin Junkie

You're welcome !

Now on to this week's party :