Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Seasonal Decor: St. Patrick's Day Easy Vignette


Our big furbaby girl is on the mend from her surgery last week so I grabbed a few minutes, which is literally all this takes, to add a little St. Patrick's decor. This was so easy I'm embarrassed to even make a post about it but...

  • Felt Gnomes, Target 
  • Glass Vase (On Hand)
  • Mini Clay Pot 
  • Shamrock Picks (Dollar Tree)
  • Moss (On Hand)
  • Ribbon (On Hand)
I found the gnomes at Target in their "used to be a dollar" section and couldn't resist. They were 3 for $3! How could I not? Mr. Chocolate has named them "Ginger Gnomes" because of their beards. The Shamrock picks I found at Dollar Tree and the rest of the supplies I had on hand. 

I placed some of the moss on the bottom of the vase, then placed the  mini clay pot upside down in the center. The hole in the pot made the perfect holder for the Shamrock picks so I fit as many as I could, built up the moss around the pot, pushing it down using the handle of a paintbrush, and then used the remaining picks from one pkg. I have a second package leftover!

I had the polka dot ribbon in my stash and it was just the right amount to use to tie a bow around the vase. I used the two empty tequila bottles from a Valentine's project last month to stand up two of the gnomes with the third as shown. I told you this was too easy! 

Never hurts to add a little luck right? 

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Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing/