Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Have My Own Castle: The Story of My "VIntage Romance" Necklace

Fit For A Queen Necklace

This necklace all started with a charm. A very special charm, from a very special person. It was my birthday present back in September from College Boy.

Castle Charm

There are so many things about this charm that just made my heart soar. The fact that it was from my son away at school who has a crazy busy schedule and took the time to pick out something with meaning. The fact that he found it at a little shop that specializes in creative and handmade things , and  that he knew that would mean a lot to me. But the part of it that brought me to tears was what he wrote in the card :
“I found it fitting that on this day, and each day after, a queen should have a castle as a reminder of the challenges you conquer”
The past couple of years have had some challenges.  Lots of changes, some planned, some not, and some right on top of each other. Not a lot of time for breath catching shall we say?  So when I read what he wrote in the card and saw this charm ( after melting into tears and slobbering all over myself) I knew I had to wait until the right idea popped into my head. One worthy of his gift.

Vintage Romance Pendant

I was poking around Michaels after Christmas and found this pendant and string of beads from the “Vintage Romance” line by Debby Anderson. My eyes landed on the pendant and it was the perfect backdrop for the charm.
Vintage Romance Necklace

I randomly strung some of the beds on wire and joined them in the middle of silver chain. I added another strand of beaded chain to the bottom portion of the necklace that joins the pendant.

I may never be queen of any country, but it’s more than enough for me that my son think’s I’m queen enough to deserve my own castle that now hangs from the end of the Vintage Romance pendant.

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Michelle L. said...

Awww, what a great kid that kid is! A beautiful note. Love your super romantique necklace. Is the charm hanging on it somewhere?

Our Hopeful Home said...

Love it! What a special son. Mine is only 10, but I can hope, right? xoKathleen

Unknown said...

OMG - this story brought tears to my eyes! Your son ROCKS! What a special gift, and I love what you created!

Romancing The Bling said...

Hello...what a lovely post! I am also the mother of sons ... I am also very proud you chose Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson to tell your story! I am Debby Anderson and Vintage Romance is my product line sold in Michael's Stores! Small world, huh?
Thank you so much for supporting my product line. As of this comment my first products are being fazed out as a "seasonal" product. More designs to
follow. :)
In case you would like to know more about my art...I am also the owner and designer of Romancing the Bling.
Thank you again for your lovely story!


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