Thursday, March 6, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #147

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy March everyone and at least it's the month where we welcome Spring ( even if the weather doesn't consult a calendar) . Another great party last week with lots of fabulous ideas so here are some highlights!

I've been seeing gorgeous dipped baskets in stores and catalogs but I have not liked the less than gorgeous prices. Heather from Woods of Bell Trees  has a stunning DIY for less. You may even have some baskets on hand that could use a makeover. 

I think that basket would look great next to this flea market to fabulous stool makeover by Doreen at Altered Artworks

Whether you're just being a good tenant or you want to be extra careful with your walls, It's Always Ruetten has a great way to achieve a plate wall without risking your security deposit. 

OK ready for this week's chocolate feature? 

As if the Whipped Mocha Mousse Tart wasn't decadent enough, Karyn from Dieter's Downfall also has a soft caramel sauce to accompany it. I have no doubt it tastes as amazing as it looks. 

OK on to this week's party! 



Karyn said...

Thanks for featuring my Mocha Tart! Thanks for the party! Have a super weekend.

Toodie said...

Carol, Carol, Carol: How many times must I tell you that if you're going to feature a mouth-watering, droolicious dessert like this tart that you MUST send a piece to each and every one of your followers (ME FIRST) so that we can be sure we agree with you about the droolability factor. Please, for the love of my hips, remember this in the future! My jeans are starting to fit and I am holding you responsible!

And Karyn: you absolutely MUST send a sample whole tart to Carol so that she can forward to me. Just sayin.

Thanks, Carol, for another wonderful linkup!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol for featuring my dipped basket! :D I have to agree with Toodie, we must have some of the featured desserts!!! Mmm Thank you for hosting another excellent party darling!

Chef Michael R. said...

Ahhh it's a great day for a party! Thanks for hosting, Carol :-)
Blessed be,

Unknown said...

Happy Weekend to you, my friend! Thanks for hosting my fave way to enjoy my Friday morning tea! :)

Julia @ It's Always Ruetten said...

Thank you for featuring my Plate Wall! Hope you have a great week!