Monday, November 7, 2011

BFF Open House Link Party #27 Wrap Up and Features

I dunno about you all but it seems I blink and the weekend is over. Hope everyone had a good one. I got my Halloween stuff down and my Thanksgiving stuff up and trying not to freak out that Thanksgiving is two weeks from Thursday! But that means my college boy comes home so for that, I cannot wait!

Another great party. Thank you everyone for continuing to help the Open House link party grow. Here are a few things that caught my eye but as always, everyone’s creativity was amazing.

I am always in awe of quilters. My  great grandmother was a quilter (by hand) and my mom has some of her treasures. This one from Caroline at Atelier Caroline is incredible both for her handiwork and her choice of colors: Raspberry and Chocolate!
What could possibly go better with this gorgeous quilt than these truffles? They were made for each other!
Raspberry Chipotle Truffles from Evie at Brown Paper Packages! I really like sweet and savory combinations and have seen several recipes where the secret ingredient is spicy. Can’t wait to try these and isn’t her presentation stunning?

For a completely ingenious take on a wreath, go visit Caroline at c.w.frosting. I would never have thought to use a bicycle tire as a wreath form would you?
I’ve never thought of bike tires as elegant but this one sure is!

You can see why Terri’s blog is called A Creative Princess with creations such as this:
Simple ingredients: Pine cones, acorns, burlap, and an embroidery hoop, but combined into a gorgeous piece of seasonal art.

And finally, with Thanksgiving upon us, this printable from Lesley at Freaking Craft is perfect in its sentiment and design:
Hope to see you all again on Friday. Have a creative week!


Evie said...

Thank you so much for the feature!! :)

evie @ brown paper packages

lindalou said...

I am in complete denial about Thanksgiving being here so quickly.

Nice highlights. You've got quite a following.

lesley said...

wow! thank you for featuring my printable! it looks so cool on the "big screen!"


Netty said...

We had Halloween last week and Firework day at the Weekend, luckily we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK as Christmas is just weeks away.....e'ek. Thank you for showing these brilliant makes, x

c.w.frosting said...

Thanks so much for the feature Carol!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Jennifer said...

Those truffles look so delicious!