Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Minute V- Day Crazy Idea and Oops

I didn’t do tons of Valentine’s decorating but figured my cooking this weekend would be Valentine-y. So I thought hmmm…I should have a Valentine’s table and hmmm… don’t want to buy anything and I’m really not a tablescaper so hmmm….make some placemats. OK.
Naturally I used scrapbook paper because doesn’t everyone make placemats out of scrapbook paper? Some people do! I googled it. I thought this would be a perfect use for some “clear” contact paper I picked up on one of my Dollar Tree trips. More on that later. Here’s what I started with:
Misc papers, K&Co self adhesive scrapbook borders, contact paper.
I played around like I was making scrapbook pages…tear here, border there, sticker here, use up some scraps etc. :
Then the big plan was to cover each “pagemat” with CLEAR contact paper. One problem: what I thought was CLEAR was in fact…WHITE. Duh! So now what genius? To the stash!
Pulled out these that I’d picked up somewhere on clearance:
Clear overlay transparencies! Take that contact paper.  I figured these would provide just as much wipeability as my “I thought it was CLEAR” contact paper, so I adhered them to my pagemats with my tape gun. And waste not want not, I used the white contact paper to cover the backs so they’re wipeable too! They won’t last forever but they’ll last long enough and then I’ll just cut them up for something else ‘cause that’s what we do!
Oh yeah…if you click on the lip thingy, it’s a printable
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7 comments: said...

I love it. You are so creative. Happy almost Chocolate - er, Valentine's- Day.

Jocelyn said...

yup, scrapbook paper is so useful for more than just scrapbooking or cards. Love these!!!

Michelle L. said...

Nice save! I like the overlay idea, it's tougher than contact paper and *BONUS* it's already pretty! Your placemats are pretty, practical and proof of concept! Love 'em!

Rose said...

very cute idea thanks rose

Lori said...

What a totally awesome idea! Love it! And I saw that Reese's... pant, pant, pant....

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

What a cute idea, Carol! I'm loving all of the things you are thinking to make with paper. ♥

Intangible Hearts said...

Dollar tree, huh? Good tips!