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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Can Needed A Friend

And thanks to the garbage man who took out the utility pole that supplies power, cable, and phone service to our house today, I had time to make him one.
You know you’re a craft addict when you buy salad dressing because you like the jar:
I also liked that the label came right off! Used my contact paper leftover from my can to cover the jar and then went around that with more of my typography tape (two strips). The white contact paper sets off the tape because the numbers are clear. Went around the middle with a K&CO scrapbook border.
Mod Podged a scrap of polka dot paper to the top of the lid and went around it with another K&Co adhesive scrapbook border. Sealed that w/ Mod Podge too.
The whole reason for this “jarring” transformation was something to hold black, white, and neutral colored buttons that were here, there, and everywhere. Finished it off with a big fat black button in the middle:
Did I mention I’m in love with this tape?!
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