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Monday, April 16, 2012

Upcycled Dry Erase Menu Board

My mom has been friends with the sweetest couple for many many years. During her recent surgery they were so supportive, caring, and helpful and I wanted to do a little something to say thanks.

They both love to cook and they trade off each week so I thought it would be fun to make them a dry erase menu board.
Dry Erase Menu Board (3)

I started with an old frame and scrapbook paper I had on hand:


I cut out the papers to size and cut on panel in a decorative shape. Put them together as follows:

Menu Board Base

Cut the letters MENU from black vinyl on my Cricut Expression (poor thing has felt neglected since I’ve been using my Cameron, CoCo) using the Plantin Schoolbook font cart. I had some culinary themed rub-ons in my stash and couldn’t decide between utensils or wine themed because they like both but went with the utensils.

Michael's Rub Ons

I put one set of the utensils in the lower right hand corner.

Martha Stewart Satin

I wanted to shabby up the frame so grabbed a couple of paints from my paint stash. Ultimately ended up using just the light blue. Love these Martha paints…they stick to everything! Dry brushed the frame so some of the gold would still show through:

Dry Erase Menu Board (2)

I have divided storage container where I keep alphabet stuff. I have a thing for alphabet stickers, tiles, brads, etc. and often pick them up on clearance for next to nothing, so I went to that and chose a “W” for their last name and glued it into a bottlecap.  I also remembered a metal stand I’d found at JoAnn’s for something like 90% off and knew would come in handy sometime.

Dry Erase Menu Board (2)

Dry Erase Menu Board

Bon Apetit!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Winner Winner, What's For Dinner...

 Welcome to those stopping in from Tuesday Tag-Along

Now my son can check our new "Dinner" board when he comes home from school instead of it being the first question he asks me. The debate was chalkboard or dry erase since there have been so many great examples of each. But I finally decided last week when Erin at Crafts & Sutch did  a cute dry erase message board ( so cute that it was picked as a favorite thing this week at All Thingz Related ) that dry erase was the winner.

Started w/ a $.01 frame from one of Aaron Bros $.01 sales (they're a national chain and a couple of times a year the have a sale where you buy one frame for reg price and get another one for $.01 so who knows if this frame was the $.01 or the full price one but I digress):

It was too shiny and I wanted to tone it down so I painted it with a taupe acrylic and then dry brushed it with black.  I used the cardboard backing that came in the frame to make the main part, covering it w/ scrapbook paper and an acetate border I got at a sidewalk sale at one of my favorite haunts. They were on sale for $.10 each so of course I bought 10 of them. They were a dime! How could I buy just one? :

That's my stack of acetate thingies in the rubber band. Then I got out some clear acrylic stamps and spelled out dinner and realized there's only one "n" in the pack so I turned a "u" upside down because I didn't want to go back in and squeeze the 2nd "n" in.  Both to fit the letters on the acrylic block and because I knew I wouldn't get them perfectly straight, and then I would be cranky, I put the letters on kinda jumbled.

Here's the whole thing (together with Tuesday's dinner plans ... if you can't read my handwriting, it's chicken skewers, broccoli, pasta) :

I'm not much of a week at a time meal planner....more of a this is what's for dinner TONIGHT kind of planner so you won't see a M,T,W etc. board here lol.

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