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Monday, December 5, 2011

Blast From The Past: Tinsel Trees (Stinkin' Easy)

OK this was the easiest thing ever. So easy it’s not really even worth posting about but what the heck.

I have lots of different styles of Christmas d├ęcor. I like different looks, and since I decorate just about every room, I figure I can do different styles in each. This year I’ve caught a glitter bug and am doing a kind of retro mid-century modern mantle. Enter the tinsel!
Tinsel Tree With Topper
What the heck are they you ask? Tinsel trees I answer. With Snowflake toppers.  Here are the complicated ingredients for this crazy concoction:
Tinsel Trees
Styrofoam Cone and Tinsel Garland. I hoped to get the cone at Dollar Tree but apparently they don’t have them anymore so I got one at Michaels with a 50% off coupon and one at JoAnn’s with a 40% coupon. The tinsel garland I did get at Dollar Tree. 50 Feet for a buck.
Snowflake Pick
For the topper, a VERY expensive glittered snowflake from Jo Jo’s ( JoAnn) $.79 and 50% off . I know…pricey!

I didn’t even use glue. Just started at the bottom of the cone and stuck a straight pin through the tinsel garland and a few more as I went around the bottom to make sure it was on there good.
Tinsel Tree Start
And wrap. And pin…from time to time in random places on the way up to the top.

Before I stuck my snowflake pick in, I added a glittery red pom pom I had in my stash.
Snowflak Topper
The mantle’s not quite finished but getting there and I’ll show it soon. In the meantime, I’m in the mood to watch some cheesy 60’s sci-fi Christmas movie like Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. OK so that may be the ONLY cheesy 60’s sci-fi Christmas movie and I don’t even know how I ever saw it but somehow I did. Don’t judge!
Tinsel Snowflake Trees
“Take me to your leader. No not the crazy woman with the glue gun. Anyone but her!”

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