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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

DIY Jewelry: GROGU (The Mandalorian) Inspired Bracelet


I have watched both seasons of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, and like so many others, am totally smitten by the character named GROGU aka "The Child" aka "Baby Yoda" . If you're not familiar he's the same type of being as Yoda ( whom I also love ) but is not in fact the baby version of him. 

While going through my bead stash, I remembered I had some Kiwi Jasper beads that were PERFECT for a GROGU inspired project.  This is an easy bracelet to make using stretch cord. 

Mr. Chocolate surprised me with one of the animated toys as one of my Christmas gifts. They were almost impossible to find but he did and he is so cute. Our dog loves it when I activate him and just cocks her head at all of his movements and sounds.  I gathered up the supplies I thought I'd use and I ended up not using the white beads. No worries. They'll get put to good use! 


  • Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry Cord 1mm ( Michaels)
  • 10mm Kiwi Sesame Jasper (Shipwreck longer on their site but Etsy, Amazon have)
  • 10mm Matte Black Glass Beads (Michaels)
  • 10mm Silver Beads (Michaels
  • Bead Landing Rhinestone Dangles ( Michaels)
  • Charm Along Metal Tags (Michaels)
  • Loctite Gel Control Glue
  • Head Pins and Jump Rings

Since I tend to make bolder jewelry, I like the thickness of the 1mm Stretch Magic cord. If you're using smaller beads you can use thinner versions. 

I like to spread the beads I'm working with out so I can easily grab them and a piece of felt works great to keep them from rolling away. 

Cut a length of the Stretch Magic a few inches longer than the finished bracelet size. Some people try to measure exactly which maximizes your cord, but I like ends long enough to not cause me to swear when I'm trying to tie the knot and things go wrong and beads go everywhere, which may or may not have happened one too many times. 

I bought these clamps at Dollar Tree forever ago and they work great for clamping one end so you don't have beads to chase. 

Measure your bracelet once you have your beads on. I know from experience 7.5 is the right length for me. Tie with a basic knot. Dab a little Loctite or jewelry glue onto the knot, then tie another knot and trim. 

I usually add a little dangle on my bracelets, especially when I'm giving as a gift, and especially since I found some cute charms that say things like "Made With Love" "Handmade" etc. I also love these little rhinestone dangles to add just a touch of bling. 

To create the bead dangle, thread one of the jasper beads and one of the silver beads onto a head pin and close with a wrapped loop

Then, attach your tag, rhinestone, and bead dangle onto your bracelet using jump rings. 

I love how the jasper represents GROGU, the black beads his eyes, and the silver is for Beskar, the elite armor worn by worthy Mandalorians. Geek Alert! 

This is the way !

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Charm Bracelet and oh I'm Baaaacccckkkkk.

Olympics Stretchy Charm Bracelet

I haven’t written a blog post in 3 weeks, so I hope I remember how! First, for those of you who’ve asked about my mom, she’s doing great and I’m now back home. I appreciate all your positive thoughts and energy!

So have you been watching the Olympics? We love to watch them and even when text alerts spoil the events we’ve yet to watch, it’s still as thrilling when we see the actual event.

While I was in AZ with the Mumster, I did have a chance to pop into Hobby Lobby as well as one of my fave places in Tempe, Beads Galore. I picked up the British flag charm at HL and the crown charm at BG. The red white and blue crystal beads I had back home in my stash.

For whatever reason, I had this notion that “stretchy cord” was more for kids projects. Then I was on the Nordstrom website and saw these:

Debbie Merle Agate Stretch Bracelet (Nordstrom Exclusive)
which are, you guessed it, stretchy cord bracelets with nice beads and charms but they’re $58 each. Um no thank you. I actually whipped up a couple using some stone beads before I was gone but used the same idea for my Olympics bracelet.

Olympics Charm Bracelet 2

Measure your stretchy cord longer than the size of your bracelet. I cut about 12 inches for a 7-8 inch bracelet. Sting your beads, charms etc.

Olympics Bracelet

When you are happy with the size, knot your cord. I knot, double knot add a dab of jewelry glue and then knot again. Trim close to the ends of the knot and then off you go to have a spot of tea.

With the British and American flag colors the same, this was perfect since I could honor both countries in one project!

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