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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Word of The Year: Open

For 2017, I didn't do a word of the year. I generally don't do resolutions and 2018 won't be an exception, but in the past few years, I have done a word of the year so I have something to focus on and remind myself of a commitment I made at the start of the year, even when sometimes falling short of the intent. Maybe since I didn't have a word, that's why I felt adrift in 2017? Who knows.

At any rate, I did decide on a word for 2018 and that word is :

For me this means being open to new things...possibilities, opportunities, new people / places / things. I tend to be a creature of habit, don't love change and have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone. But this year I want to be more open...more spontaenous, risk more, not have it all laid out before I start. Oh boy! 

Anyone else have a word or a phrase of the year they want to share? 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Word For 2012: FOCUS

Starting last year, I decided that rather than make a list of resolutions, I’d have a word that would be my theme for the year and I’d try to apply it to all the things I wanted to do.

For 2011  it was “DISCOVER" and I think it worked well. It was a year of lots of new things…son’s graduation from HS and starting college ( and discovering how to let go!) ; changing jobs ( discovering new skills); all kinds of blogging discoveries like new bloggy friends, ideas,technical how-tos etc. You get the idea.
I decided I’d stick with this idea for 2012 and pick a new word.

2012’s word for me is FOCUS:
This word just fit into all the things I keep thinking about for the year ahead. I want to FOCUS  on me. Not in a selfish way, but in a healthy way. Taking better care of my physical and mental health. Ensuring that I’m in good shape so I can be there for those I love.

I made this printable to frame and hang outside my office door as a daily reminder.

I also want to FOCUS on things I want to do in blogging. Continue to grow but stay authentic. FOCUS on why I started blogging and have it be part of my creativity but not dictate my creativity. FOCUS on expanding realationships while maintaining the ones I already value and treasure.

You know I can't resist an opportunity to make a pun so I also want to FOCUS on taking better pictures. I'm excited to play with a portable light box I got for Christmas!!

FOCUS on the US in my relationship with hubs. We celebrated our 20th Anniversary this year and yet it seems like just yesterday that we got married. We’re still adjusting to this whole empty nest thing but as hard as it was to adjust to our son being gone for long chunks of time, we re-DISCOVERED what it’s like to be a couple again, just the two of us. In 2012 I want to FOCUS on that some more in 2012. Love you so much Mr. C.

I want to FOCUS on the things that are really important and not dwell on the things that aren't. That's something I know I need to work on...just a little OCD sometimes!

So you get the picture. This just clicked for me as a word that encompassed everything. Do you have a word that describes what you want from 2012?

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! 200th Post!!

I just realized that this post will be my 200th since I started blogging! I am one chatty Cathy!

I haven’t been very productive in the “making” department lately. Between Christmas, and two trips to the doctor for sinus, bronchial infections and an asthma attack, well I’ve been a bit lazy! But I did make a couple of New Year’s decorations just to have something festive. No tutorial…just a pic:
I made a cone shaped party hat using a template I found online and trimmed it with some pom pom fringe using double sided tape. Downloaded a New Year’s printable collection and cut out and adhered to bamboo skewers that I stuck down through the top of the hat and using a clock graphic from The Graphics Fairy, added the year to it and stuck it on front!
I haven’t framed this yet but I wanted to have something special for 2011 that I could keep up all year. We have a few major milestones this year. Our son turns 18 ( my baby!) and will graduate from High School, and we’ll celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. So I made this “Family Milestone Subway Art”:
2011 Subway
Happy 2011 everyone. But as we wrap up 2010, thanks for a warm welcome into the blogging world, the many new friendships made, laughs shared, generosity shown, and inspiration provided. Here’s to more of all of that in the New Year!