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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! 200th Post!!

I just realized that this post will be my 200th since I started blogging! I am one chatty Cathy!

I haven’t been very productive in the “making” department lately. Between Christmas, and two trips to the doctor for sinus, bronchial infections and an asthma attack, well I’ve been a bit lazy! But I did make a couple of New Year’s decorations just to have something festive. No tutorial…just a pic:
I made a cone shaped party hat using a template I found online and trimmed it with some pom pom fringe using double sided tape. Downloaded a New Year’s printable collection and cut out and adhered to bamboo skewers that I stuck down through the top of the hat and using a clock graphic from The Graphics Fairy, added the year to it and stuck it on front!
I haven’t framed this yet but I wanted to have something special for 2011 that I could keep up all year. We have a few major milestones this year. Our son turns 18 ( my baby!) and will graduate from High School, and we’ll celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. So I made this “Family Milestone Subway Art”:
2011 Subway
Happy 2011 everyone. But as we wrap up 2010, thanks for a warm welcome into the blogging world, the many new friendships made, laughs shared, generosity shown, and inspiration provided. Here’s to more of all of that in the New Year!