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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Easy Project: Faux Stained Knife Block


Ever look at something debate about changing it, debate some more, then one day you just say "What the heck" and go for it? I've had my Knife Block since we got married. It's 30 years old. And it was fine in its original form. Aging well. Bothering no one. Sitting there, minding its business, holding my knives. 

But, it might be going to a new home. Still with me, however. So I decided "What the heck" and made it over with a faux-stain effect. Mr. Chocolate always freaks out and looks at me funny when I decide to mess with "perfectly good" things but turns out...HE LOVES IT! 

  • Knife Block
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Water

It's faded over the years but still in great condition. I washed it to make sure there were no residual oils or anything. 

You can see it wasn't quite dry but since the stain is water-based, no big deal. I mixed some white acrylic paint into some black paint diluted with water until I got a shade of grey I liked. Then I just lightly brushed onto the knife block which drank it up. I wanted a stain vs paint effect, hence diluting with the water. 

You can still see the wood grain which is what I wanted. It was still wet in this pic so dried even grainier. 

I used a small brush to blend the edges of the slots but only just so the wood didn't show. I did this project in the morning and let it dry all day to make sure the "stain" was good and set. 

Mr. Chocolate has appropriated one of my knives for his nightly apple and I keep pretending like I don't need to replace it because we don't share well! There's also the knife that accidentally got thrown away with a birthday cake box several years ago 😠😠😠

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and it will look great "wherever it might end up". 

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