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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vinyl Butterfly Plate With Removable Rolled Flowers

Butterfly Plate

 I  did this project recently for the Expressions Vinyl Blog.  I felt guilty calling it a project because it's so stinkin' easy.

I love putting vinyl on anything and everything. I also change my mind a lot and sometimes want the flexibility to change a theme. Vinyl is perfect for that! I found this plain square glass plate at Cost Plus and knew it was a perfect canvas. I Mod Podged a piece of scrapbook paper on the underside of the plate, but you could also leave your plate completely blank. 

I have been wanting to do something with a butterfly motif and the hardest part was deciding which image to download from the Silhouette online store. I decided on this swirly one. I re-sized it to fit and cut it out using a leafy green Expressions vinyl.

Green Expressions Vinyl Butterfly

I am definitely not a dainty clean crafter. Just keeping it real here. Sometimes stuff gets stuck to the mat but it mostly comes off pretty cleanly.

Vinyl Scraps and Punch

I’m also a “I can’t throw that away because there must be something I can do with it “ crafter ( aka as Mr. Chocolate would say a HOARDER). I’ve seen this idea sold in craft stores to decorate your walls…using vinyl as the adhesive to attach paper flowers or lightweight wooden embellishments.

I adapted it to my butterfly plate. Punched circles out of scrap vinyl, and made rolled flowers from some paper scraps:

Rolled Flowers

I hot glued the flowers to the vinyl, peeled off the back and stuck to my plate.  Done and done. And if I decide I want to take the flowers off and/or change my butterfly for something else, peel away!

Butterfly Plate

It doesn't get much easier. If you don't have an electronic cutter or die cut machine, try punches on your vinyl.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Please Don't Taste The Vanilla Bean Bath Salts

Since I became rather addicted to Epsom Salts this holiday season, I thought I should at least do one thing with them for which they are actually intended. Making homemade bath salts isn’t a new idea but here’s my take on it.
Vanilla Bean Bath Salts (2)
Vanilla Bean Bath Salt

Vanilla Bath Salt Ingredients
I followed basic guidelines I found online. 3 parts Epsom Salt to 1 part Baking Soda ( I found a big box of baking soda at Target with the cleaning supplies). Then I kinda improvised!
I figured if you can infuse sugars with vanilla beans, why couldn’t you infuse bath salts? So I did.
Vanilla Bath Salts Mix
I mixed my ingredients together, sliced open a vanilla bean, plopped it in there and mixed some more. Then I added just a few drops of vanilla extract for good measure.
Vanilla Bean  Salts
Fished out my vanilla beans and dropped them in the bottom of the glass jar I bought for my bath salts. I got the jar at Cost Plus where I also got my “scoops”. More on that later.

Poured in my salts and done. Well with that part. I wanted to pretty up my jar and since it was going in a bathroom, went with vinyl instead of paper to embellish the jar. Cut some shapes from the Damask D├ęcor Cricut cart on my Expression in brown and gold vinyl.
Vanilla Bean Bath Salts
Tied some twine and ribbon yarn around the neck and added a little of this star garland I had in my stash
One of those things you pick up because it’s pretty and don’t know when you’ll use it?

Finished the top off with a gold vinyl cutout and a vintage button. Now for the scoop on the scoop. I was looking for individual spice or coffee scoops (you know how you get an idea in your head about what you want and how dare the store not have it?) and was about to give up and buy a pack of different sizes which I didn’t really want and then found that Cost Plus has a whole section devoted to tasting sized stuff! YAY! Spoons and Forks and Spreaders Oh My. I found these little square tasting spoons that I’m going to use as scoops!
Vanilla Bean Bath Salts
See? I still managed to find a way to use something for other than its intended purpose!
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