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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Home Decor: Thanksgiving in Blues and Greens


I mentioned in my Tissue Paper Dollar Tree Pumpkins post that I wanted to update some of my Thanksgiving decor to colors inspired by nature's colors around me. We don't get the changing of the leaves where I am, but we do have the beauty of Saguaros and other cacti, and gold and blue hues from other desert brush and foliage. 

I hit the jackpot with some finds from Dollar Tree and JoAnn sales so changing up my decor didn't break the bank. 

I found these candle holders, votive holders and acorns all at Dollar Tree! If you didn't know that's where they came from, would you guess that?

I lucked into a deal at JoAnn with the fabric I used for the table runner. It was already on sale but it was the end of the bolt and they gave me an extra discount, I didn't sew it but folded the long edges, gathered the short edges and used rubber bands to hold, then tucked them under and just played with it until I was satisfied. 

I grabbed an old farmhouse wood bowl we have from my husband's family to hold one of the Paint Poured pumpkins I made, the Tissue Paper Pumpkins, and misc pumpkin pics I found for 70% off at JoAnn. Then I added the Dollar Tree Votives, Candleholders, and Glass Vases (Dollar Tree) which I filled with Velvet Pumpkin clips, also from Dollar Tree. I used a garland I'd made years before and turkey candleholders from William Sonoma that I already had.

It's just me, Hubby, and my Mom but that doesn't mean I can't make it special, right? I also switched up my entry table.

I kept the look simple, using the big vase from Pottery Barn that's survived several moves. The Velvet Pumpkins are actually clips, so I put some in the bottom and clipped others to the branches that were already in the arrangement. 

The ribbons that inspired this went on candleholders that sit on this table. 

Then I added the acorns and another Paint Poured Pumpkin. 

I was still able to use my other items in different vignettes so clearly, I didn't have enough Thanksgiving decor 😂.

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