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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dollar Tree Washer Charm Bracelet Tutorial

I thought I'd share a project I made for a guest post I did the other day at the blog

I was honored when Bella invited me over to guest post! One of the things I love most about blogging is how supportive and helpful bloggers are to each other.

Washer Charm Bracelet
Washer Charm Bracelet (2)

Like so many of us creative bloggers, I’d be lost without The Dollar Tree! I go there at least once a week just to walk the aisles and see what I might find. Last time I was there I found this pack of washers.

Dollar Tree Washers

I had some chain on hand in my jewelry making stash:
Blue Mountain Natural Elegance Chain
I got mine at JoAnn’s but you can get this or similar many places. I measured off two lengths bracelet size. I attached the two chains to either side of a toggle clasp using jump rings.
Then I went to work on my  washer charms.

I made sets of small, medium, and large based on the size of the washers, putting a jump ring on each:
Washer Charms
On the small ones, I put one of the smallest washers on either side. Then I just started adding these to the chain, eyeballing the spacing but not being overly precise.

It doesn’t matter which of the chains you attach your washer charms to. It all kinda blends.

If you haven’t ever made jewelry, don’t be intimidated. Working with chain is very forgiving and there are tons of  instructions out there. Here’s a video on how to open / close a jump ring and once you do that, you can open / close the links of chain…same principle.
Washer Charm Bracelet (2)

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest Posting At" Bella Before And After "

Happy Thursday and I’d like to give a shout out to the newest followers of The Answer Is Chocolate. I’m so glad you found something interesting enough to keep you coming back!

The lovely Bella, from Bella Before And After, invited me over to her place to guest post so that's where I am today.

I'm sharing a project there that's something I haven’t shown here before…I’l give you a hint. It involves these:
Dollar Tree Washers
and the end result does not involve plumbing so if you're curious, come on over!