Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holiday 2020: Gifted Cards

Like most Makers, I have a stash of supplies. Mr. Chocolate lovingly teases me about my paper addiction  which, as a result of its existence, has produced cards he's asked for "like that" ! And you know what? I make no apology! Because what it enables me to do is combine my love of making things with giving back. I wasn't even going to post these because I wasn't happy with the pics and I don't like to come off "look at me", but then I thought others might relate so here we go. 

Also like many Makers, I have moments of self doubt. "Do people really like what I make or are they just being polite?" Be honest. Have you felt like that?  Nonetheless, given the Pandemic That Stole 2020, my love of making things, and my paper stash, I risked the self doubt and decided to make some cards for my health care provider, The Mayo Clinic. 

No one has worked harder this year than Healthcare Workers. Doctors, nurses, admin staff, cleaning staff. EVERYONE! So I thought I'd make some cards to show my appreciation. Literally, beyond masking up and distancing, the least I could do. I made three dozen, packaged them up, and dropped them off, letting them decide whether to use them for patients, staff, volunteers...or at all! 

Last night, I got the nicest email validating I'd made the right decision not listening to that little voice that sometimes makes me doubt myself. The point of all of this? Trust your instincts. Have confidence in yourself. Know that doing something for others may be the one thing that day that helps them. 

I made sets based on white, green, and red cardstocks and coordinating papers: 

These pics don't do justice to the foiled goodness on some of the papers! 

I wish I'd bought more of these little wooden stickers I found at Dollar Tree!

Packaged them up with envelopes and put them in sealed bags. 

The email said they will be used for the staff which I absolutely love! 

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