Monday, July 13, 2020

Quilled Butterfly Card

My adventures in my new obsession continue so expect to see a few posts. I wanted to incorporate quilling into my card making so played around and made this butterfly for a Thank You card I needed to make. 

  • Cardstock and Scrapbook Papers for Card
  • Quilling Paper and Tool
  • Glue
  • Quilling Board

The quilling board came in the kit my girlfriend gave me and it really helpful for ensuring consistent shapes and sizes. You make your coils and then drop inside the shape and use your fingers to help form the shape,  I chose paper strips that coordinated with the colors of the polka dot paper I used. 

To make the Butterfly Wings, I started with the orange and yellow papers shown inside, former the teardrop shapes and then just went around them with the other colors to build up the shapes. 

To make the antennae and the middle ( I have no idea what this part of a butterfly is called) I folder two black strips in half, then curled the tops to make antennae. Tightly coiled the green coils and wrapped the black strips around and glued down to the card. 

Once all my wing pieces were assembled, I glued to the front of the card as shown. Paractice makes perfect and this isn't 100% but I'm pleased with it for a first try. 

I had a question on my last Quilling post about how to actually make the coils and shapes. I think this video is really helpful :


Unique creations by Anita said...

What a beautiful card, you must have so much paitents.

Southern Sunflowers said...

Such a cute and colorful butterfly design! Pairing it with the polka dots makes it even cuter!