Thursday, January 31, 2019

BFF Open House

Happy Friday Eve all and to all of you in the path of the Polar Vortex...I hope you're staying inside, warm, pipes aren't frozen etc.  PhD Man ( Son ) is smack in the center of it in Chicago and despite is telling him to stay put yesterday just had to go pick up his comics that are released every Wednesday.  Layered up in long underwear, two layers of pants, four shirts, his heaviest coat, boots, scarves two hats and a hood lol. Reminded my of the little brother from "A Christmas Story" 

Image result for a christmas story can't put my arms down

I guess you don't want to hear it's in the high 60's 70's here in the desert? Don't worry. We'll get ours in the Summer when we're living on the Sun. 

OK let's see what everyone's been up to this week! 

If you're looking for last minute ideas for your Super Bowl party this weekend, Leslie over at From Play Dates to Parties has got you covered with free printables! 

If you're not much into the big game and want to craft something, Lisa from Fresh Vintage by Lisa S has a great upcycle. Perfect for any leftover gift tins you may have from Christmas. 

Check out these faux leather earrings from Try It Like It.  These were made using the Cricut Maker but could also be done either freehand or using dies I'm sure. 

Finally, one thing I really want to do is be able to attend a blog conference or two.  A Labour of Life has taken the time to help us all out and make a list of upcoming conferences. I recently attended a blogger meetup in advance of Creativation and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow creatives and bloggers and I look forward to doing more of it! 

OK let's see what everyone's been up to this week! 



Artsy VaVa said...

Thank you for hosting the party!

Kippi O'Hern said...

Thank you so much for hosting the party. Have a great weekend, Kippi

babychaser said...

Thanks so much for hosting this for us! I linked up 34-37 from a couple of my blogs. I hope that isn't too many. :) It's fun to be here!


Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting!