Sunday, September 10, 2017

Digitized Doodles

Everything old is new again as the saying goes. A few years ago I became obsessed with Zen Tangling. I don't know that what I like to do fits the official Zen Tangle definition. Like most things I do, I adapt it to fit what feels right to me so I have not mastered "official" tangles and I tend to like to mix things up and be very organic about the process.

At some point I stopped doing it for a while but in the process of practicing my hand lettering, I've picked it up again. Sometimes combining it w/ lettering and sometimes on its own.  As with my lettering, I thought about what to do w/ all of this ( still haven't totally figured that out) and started playing w/ different digital options.

For this version, I scanned the image in to my computer and played around with it in PicMonkey adding different transparent layers. 

One thing I like about this option is I can keep the original black and white image once scanned in and explore different options while not losing the original work. 

I also discovered an app for my iPhone called "Recolor" ( it's FREE!!). It comes pre-loaded with lots of images you can color or, and this is what I was really after, you can import your own images into it from your photos and play around. 

Using this same image I played around and did this which completely changes the look and feel of the same image! 

You can color everything or just portions and you can color the background or leave it blank. 

For this one, I also applied a colored pencil filter : 

So many possibilities. But I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do w/ all this stuff lol !


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