Monday, June 2, 2014

Yes I Made A Card for $.50

Hello Card

We all have those things that soothe us right? For some it’s a new pair of shoes. For others it’s a spa treatment or digging in the dirt. For me ( in addition to chocolate of course) it’s a stroll through Michaels. I just like wandering the aisles ( sometimes talking to myself…this is completely normal so don’t call anyone!). It doesn’t even take spending a bundle to make me giddy. Case in point, a recent trip where I was elated to stumble upon a treasure trove of $.50 finds. Yes you read that right FIFTY CENT finds!

Michaels Finds

Well you didn’t think I was going to buy just one thing for $.50 did you? Silly.. They had this whole collection of coordinating elements and I may or may not have bought 1 or 2 of each.

I used one of the embellishment packs to make this just because card for a friend.

DCWV Lemon Stack

The colors went perfectly with a DCWV stack ( Lemon Flower) I had in my stash. I did have to will myself not to buy any more paper on this recent trip. SO hard.

Hello Card Elements

I chose a coordinating piece of paper from the stack and grabbed a couple of scraps from previous projects including a white embossed panel. Then I just sat and played and used up all the elements on the embellishment card. Should have thought ahead to include the card the embellishments were on since it matched but yes, saved it for another project TBD.

Hello Card

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