Monday, February 18, 2013

Industrial Meets Pearls Part Deux : Urban Warrior Earrings

Blue Moon Urban Warrior Clip Earrings

This is an unplanned part two to the necklace I shared on Friday using materials from Blue Moon Beads Urban Warrior line. But first a little share. As much as I love making jewelry, I hate self promotion. I know…”you have a blog where tons (hopefully) of strangers can see your work and you say you don’t like self promotion?”

I didn’t say I was without contradictions. Anyhoo….I’ve gotten better when receiving complements on pieces I’ve made and comfortably saying “Thank you, I made it”. Anyone else struggle w/ that? Fess up! I wore the necklace on Saturday and got several compliments and pulled up my big girl panties and said “Thank you, I made it”.

I already have some earrings that I can wear with it but I had some of the pieces left over and then spotted some large charms in my supplies that would make perfect earring pieces. I don’t have pierced ears and wear clips which are hard to find so I'm always looking at things for their possible use as earrings.

Urban Warrior Earrings

I grabbed some clip earring backs, the charms and my leftover pieces and went to work. First I straightened some more pierced ear wires to use as eyepins and added pearls to them.

Straightened Earwires

They don’t have to be perfectly straight…just enough to thread a bead. Then I glued my earring backs to the charms. I generally use Loctite’s Gel Super Glue. Low odor good strength for small pieces.

Clip Earring Backs

The one on the right isn’t glued on yet…just laying there so you can get the idea. Important to make sure you line up the bottom of the backing with the hole in the bottom of your charm. I’m not speaking from experience of having super glued these on upside down before or anything.


I attached the leftover dangly things to my pearl “eyepins” with a jump ring and added a couple of leftover connector pieces. Used another jump ring to attach these to my earring base.

Urban Warrior Blue Moon Beads Clip Earrings

I love that this hammered metal looks heavy but is very light.

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lindalou said...

So cute. You have so many different talents.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Looks awesome and goes perfectly with necklace! I get bashful telling people I made something I am wearing, too. What's up with that? We should be proud!! :)

Michelle L. said...

You are funny...superglue oopsies are my usual M.O.

I never have trouble owning up to making something, I think because my husband never compliments my jewelry and I am starved for a kind word. (Wah, wah, bring on the violins.)

Michelle L. said...

P.S. those are way cool, I meant to say before I got all self-pitying. Still admiring the repurposed earwires!

srpprcrftr said...

Why are hesitant to tell people we've made it ourselves when somebody admires jewelry we're wearing?
Have to say I really love the necklace and earrings go perfect with necklace. Awesome girl. So talented. Great that earrings aren't heavy.
I have an issue with all the bib necklaces now, I can't stand the weight around my neck or on my chest. Claustrophobia maybe? In summer I rarely wear more than a light bracelet and earrings.
Nice to be able to use leftovers to make something else to go with your necklace. Maybe you'll make something else to go with earrings. Making jewelry seems to keep going when you have great pieces, kinda like when you start painting walls, then the ceiling then the kitchen,etc. lol. Happy week

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...