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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Egg

I hate it when I start to question my sanity. Like when I assume that something I see at PB will be on their website and it isn’t and then I start thinking well maybe that’s not where I saw it! I  know I saw some floral eggs at PB last week. I was short on time so I just figured they’d be on their website and I could take a closer look. Well no. But I wanted to make them! (insert big stamping foot pout here).  Here’s my take on a “I Know I Saw This @ Pottery Barn  / Don’t Have A Picture to Show You Egg”:

Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (3)
I started with a package of styrofoam eggs from Michaels. $4.49 before 40% for a package of 4.
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (2)
And a stem of these silk cherry blossom things for $1.49
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg
Other materials, straight pins and a ginormous bag of “pearls” from my bead stash.
I inserted a screw eye into the top of the egg. Then I popped one of the blossoms (they’re two layers each) off of the stem and threaded it onto a straight pin with a pearl and stuck it into the egg. Went around the whole egg until it was covered and threaded a coordinating ribbon through the screw eye.
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (5)
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (6)
So the next time I’m in PB I will remember to sneak  pics on my phone! And even though I don’t remember how much PB wanted, I know it was more than the $1.86 my egg cost me to make!
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Champagne and Chocolate

 The DIY Show Off

And I'm not even talking about the consumable kinds. Fall is in the air and I decided that a wreath I'd made for Spring / Summer was out of season and I needed something more Autmn-y. I loved the brown hydrangea I used in the wreath I made for my mom so I ran back to Michaels to get one for me and also found the most beautiful champagne colored ribbon. So using one of these again from the $1 Tree: 
I wrapped it in the champagne ribbon, and added the chocolate brown hydrangea, and some "milk" chocolate and dark chocolate flowers, along with some floral picks I found in my stash. I wish these wreath forms were just a little bigger but as I reminded myself "they're a dollar".  Added a few spiral thingies I made from a never ending roll of paper bark covered wire, added a chocolate brown bow, and:

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling Wreathy

I felt like I lost my creative mojo this week ( I think it's withdrawal from Yogurtland...a place we went regularly while on vacation and which we don't have here..oh Chocolate Coconut Truffle, how I miss you, but I digress). While visiting the Mumster ( aka my cute little Mommy) I made the mistake of remarking that she had two wreaths that had seen better days and little miss feisty said " Well what are you going to do about it since you said you were going to make me new ones..ahem ahem".  Note to self: KEEP QUIET!

And yes, Mom reads my blog so someone's going to ask me "Why are you putting these on here if she hasn't received them yet" which is a fair point, but if I'd had time to make them while we were still there, then she would have seen them as they were being made so....

I started with these from $1 Tree:

Plus burgundy ribbon, one silk flower bush , and three silk focal stems from Michaels. Silk flowers have to at least look natural to me and I thought these colors would work well for my Mom's house.  For the green styro wreath, I wrapped it with the ribbon and then beheaded the flowers and stripped off the leaves ( it didn't hurt...I promise...OK except where my wire cutters pinched me!) and then just hot glued stuff on in a way that I liked. Same principle for the vine wreath except I didn't wrap it in ribbon first. A while ago I bought a roll of some kind of bark covered wire which I cut lengths of, wrapped around a pen and made curly viney thingies that I stuck in at random.

I love this brown hydrangea:

I used to feel like you had to cover the whole wreath with stuff, but lately I'm more inclined to do just part. So Mom, I hope you like! Now I just have to figure out how the heck they're getting mailed to you :)

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