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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bird's Nest Pendant and Leaf Charm Bracelet Giveaway: Still Celebrating My Blogiversary

Bird's Nest Pendant and Leaf Bracelet

Are you tired of giveaways yet? This is another one from me to you celebrating my blogiversary week. If you spend any time here you know how much fun I have making jewelry and one of my recent popular posts involved wire bird’s nest pendants so I made one to give away!

Nest Pendant

For the eggs, I used silver glass pearls and wrapped them in aluminum wire. The pendant is strung on suede cord.  I also love making stretchy bracelets, so the same winner will get a coordinating one of those. In keeping with the nature theme, this one has a silver leaf charm.

Pearl and Stone Bracelet

The bracelet is a mix of stone beads and more silver glass pearls.

Ready, set, GO:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Unintended Urban Warrior Trilogy: Chain and Pearl Bracelet

Urban Pearls

OK so what became part deux of my metal and pearl “industrial chic” Urban Warrior necklace has now become a trilogy! Part 1 is here. Part deux is here .

I still had a lot of pierced ear wires left over so I made more eye pins out of them, strung pearls on them, and made double loop bead sections.

Double Loop Pearls

I connected these together with jump rings, making a bracelet out of them and attaching to a Blue Moon Beads hammered metal toggle clasp.

Pearl And Jump Ring Chain

I could have stopped there but I like chunky funky stuff so I added two strands of Blue Moon Bead chain and twisted them around the pearl strand. I had one metal pendant left from the previous two projects so I mad a focal from it and some of the pearl “drops”.

Blue Moon Bead Chain

Mixed Metal Urban Warrior

Attached this to the middle of the chain and then randomly attached some of the pearl loops to the chain with more jump rings  to fill out the bracelet.

Multi Strand Chain and Pearl Bracelet

Urban Warrior CHain and Pearl Bracelet

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Easy Filigree Metal Bead Bracelet

Metal Mesh Bead Bracelet
Fighting off some sort of bug today so wasn’t up for tackling anything too hard. Sometimes though, the easiest things turn out to be those you love the most.

I fell in love with this Mud Pie bead mix from Blue Moon Beads the second I saw it. My colors and style 1000%.  This is one of the mixes that’s available exclusively at JoAnn’s.

Blue Moon Bead Metallic Tin

It’s a mixture of filigreed metal, wire mesh wrapped, and metallic colored beads. I decided the beads were so awesome they needed to be used simply. What’s simpler than stretchy cord? I keep seeing fun stretchy bracelets at places like Nordstrom for $50 and up. If you can tie a knot, you can make enough of your own bracelets to match your entire wardrobe for the price of one.

Mud Pie Tin Mix

I started stringing with no patter in mind. Just grabbed beads from the tin until it was the right size.  I don’t pre-cut my cord, but leave it on the spool and string my beads on until I’m happy with the size.

BMB Metal Charms

I had these smoky grey faceted charms in my supplies and decided they’d go great on this bracelet. I added these after the bracelet was complete and put them on using silver jump rings. Again, just kind of eyeballed the spacing.

Blue Moon Mud Pie Charms

While I was provided the beads for this project as a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team, the pricing is such that these are an affordable way to achieve a high fashion look.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frosty Blue Wire and Bead Crocheted Bracelet

Crocheted Wire and Bead Bracelet

Do you ever finally get around to trying something and then kick yourself for not doing it sooner because you thought it must be much harder than it actually was?  Raise your hand and fess up.

I have wanted to try: 1.) Crocheting with beads and 2.) Crocheting with wire (and beads) but thought “Oh no. It has to be really really REALLY hard”. I was wrong.

I found a video on You Tube. Most people go to YT for laughs or clips of things they missed. I go for craft tutes!


I used a thinner silver beading wire ( 26 guage) and this bead mix called “PB&J” from Blue Moon Beads. I thought this color combo was perfect for jeans and sweaters and Winter.

Following the tutorial, I went to work and made this in about well I don’t know exactly how long but it was less than an hour!

BMB PB&J Crocheted Bracelet

I was worried about it being too small so I actually ended up making it a little bigger than I needed but I overlapped the ends and secured them with a lobster claw clasp. Problem solved.

Crocheted BMB PB&J Bracelet

I may even branch out of my usual neutral wardrobe colors and look for a frosty blue sweater to match my new bracelet!

Design Team Member

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As a member of the Blue Moon Beads Design Team, these products were provided for my use. All opinions are mine. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twelve Charming ( I Hope) Bracelets...

"For  the first school fund-raiser, my crazy craft-mom made for me...."
OK I seriously doubt my son will be singing that ( to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas just in case you don't get the way my brain works). It's back to school night this week and all of the clubs and groups have tables to raise money for various events, causes etc. So I figured charm bracelets might appeal to HS girls?  They're all slightly different and intentionally off center etc.
Mix of silver chain (plate...Tiffany this isn't), fire polished glass and crystal beads, charms,toggle clasps, etc. 

Hopefully they'll sell! 

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Monday, July 19, 2010


I love jewelry. "Good" jewelry which I am really lucky to have been  given by Mr. Chocolate, and then there's the stuff I make lol.  One thing I like about making jewelry (well about making anything) is that you can reinvent it once you get tired of it or if you're not happy with it or if it breaks, and then I don't feel guilty about making more of it than I can wear because I can always transform it into something else.

I consider myself a "stringer" more than a beader. I don't weave with beads or do things requiring knotting because I'm not precise or patient enough. I do have a really cool knotting tool that a friend of mine's wife created. I still need to play with it.

Anyway...babble babble, I usually get supplies at the big box stores...Michaels or JoAnn's , both of which have improved their beading sections in recent years. But a couple of times a year, I get to treat myself with trips to amazing suppliers. Here in my home state, we have Shipwreck Beads  which is overwhelming on your first visit. You know you're in trouble when they have a lounge area (aka "man chairs") , cafe, and espresso cart because you are going to need a break to sit and regroup!

My other more limited, but sheer indulgent pleasure is, Scottsdale Bead Supply which to me is like the Tiffany of bead stores, or the Callebaut of chocolate  I'm definitely on an allowance there because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and their materials are all fine quality. I walk through the store and take my time in each section, making probably three or more laps around before narrowing down my choices and then another two or three more laps to decide what I want, I mean can afford.  Then I do things like get them home and am so paranoid to use the materials because "OMG what did I spend?" and then they sit in my stash which is kind of pointless isn't it? Like the tee shirts we're afraid to re-fashion because "you mean I have to cut them up" but which otherwise sit, unworn, in the closet? Yep.

So I put on my big girl panties and got out some of my treasures from my last trip to SBS and made a bracelet ( that I can wear on my next trip there which is coming up!):

Black onyx, another stone the name of which I couldn't remember but Mich in LA reminded me it's a jasper, Bali silver, smokey quartz and :

Silver, black onyx and mother of pearl inlay clasp. 

And I've promised myself that if ( OK when ) I buy these special things, I'm not going to stash them away because they're too precious. Life it too short. Did you know stressed spelled backwards is desserts?

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