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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Easy Filigree Metal Bead Bracelet

Metal Mesh Bead Bracelet
Fighting off some sort of bug today so wasn’t up for tackling anything too hard. Sometimes though, the easiest things turn out to be those you love the most.

I fell in love with this Mud Pie bead mix from Blue Moon Beads the second I saw it. My colors and style 1000%.  This is one of the mixes that’s available exclusively at JoAnn’s.

Blue Moon Bead Metallic Tin

It’s a mixture of filigreed metal, wire mesh wrapped, and metallic colored beads. I decided the beads were so awesome they needed to be used simply. What’s simpler than stretchy cord? I keep seeing fun stretchy bracelets at places like Nordstrom for $50 and up. If you can tie a knot, you can make enough of your own bracelets to match your entire wardrobe for the price of one.

Mud Pie Tin Mix

I started stringing with no patter in mind. Just grabbed beads from the tin until it was the right size.  I don’t pre-cut my cord, but leave it on the spool and string my beads on until I’m happy with the size.

BMB Metal Charms

I had these smoky grey faceted charms in my supplies and decided they’d go great on this bracelet. I added these after the bracelet was complete and put them on using silver jump rings. Again, just kind of eyeballed the spacing.

Blue Moon Mud Pie Charms

While I was provided the beads for this project as a member of the Blue Moon Beads design team, the pricing is such that these are an affordable way to achieve a high fashion look.

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