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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Got Lunch Bags? Wrap Your Gifts In Them

Autumn Bags

Last week I shared some candles I made for a couple of girlfriends I’m having lunch with this week.  I needed something to wrap them in so I turned to my pantry and used brown paper lunch bags.
For this project you’ll need:
  • Plain brown paper bags
  • Inks
  • Brayer
  • Cosmetic sponge
Brown Paper Bag Mica Inks

I wanted my bags to have some texture so I scrunched them up, smoothed out, then scrunched up again.  I used this Mica Gloss inks but pretty sure any pigment re-inkers, alcohol inks, or acrylic paints would work.

Judi Kins Mica Gloss

Randomly scatter drops of inks on your surface. The goal here is not perfection! I was going for a natural look mimicking Fall leaves.

Brayered Ink

Using a brayer, spread your inks. I wanted a more blended look , so after I brayered, I used a cosmetic sponge ( Dollar Tree craft supplies !) to blend the inks.

Brayered and Sponged Inks

My bags ended up being very pliable and soft. Not sure if this is from the inks or all of the working of the paper or both.

Brown Paper Wrapping

This made it really easy to use them as wrapping. Tied the tops with some ribbon yarn and then adhered the tags I made last week with baker’s twine.

Finished with a punched leaf wreath. I’ll show you how I did that in another post.

Autumn Bags

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