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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giving Thanks for Dollar Tree Contact Paper Charger

Confused yet? Let me explain. But first let me thank Viv over at The V Spot who unknowingly answered a question I had which was whether you could cut Contact paper with a Cricut. She did it fabulously here.

OK so back to my explanation. Maybe it’s easier if I show you:
I started with a charger from Michaels that I bought when they were 2 for $3. Used one in my Halloween décor but now I’m moving on to Thanksgiving. I also bought these acrylic leaves at Mike’s ( we’re really good friends Michaels and I …we’re in the nickname stage now) in their 2 for $3 section ( ya know…used to be a dollar…sigh, I’m not quite over that Mike) . Moving on.
Then, when I was at Dollar Tree after Viv’s genius confirmation that you can in fact cut Contact paper with a Cricut, I picked up a roll for well, a dollar. This wood grain pattern:
So what’s made out of wood? Trees silly! And since leaves also come from trees ( it’s late when I’m writing this so keep that in mind when you roll your eyes!) it made perfect sense to cut a tree from this stuff and then glue on some acrylic leaves. I mean nothing says nature like faux wood grain and acrylic am I right? But I went with it anyway!
Pay no attention to the reflection ….hate that. Cut my tree from Wall Décor and More and my letters using the Jasmine cart. Then glued my leaves on and done and done.

Thanks Viv. And you too Mike. And Dollar Tree.
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