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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator for Craft Ideas...More Snow Jars

Since cleaning out my refrigerator the other day kept me from playing in my craft room, there had to be SOME upside right? Pickle jars!!
Snowman and Flocked Tree Jars
I had so much fun with my Snowman in a jam jar ( I’ve named him Marcel ) that once I had more jars to play with, I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t take step by step pics but the process is basically the same. This time I added trees ( I picked up a couple of packs of bottle brush trees at Dollar Tree…$1 for a pack of 2) and used some wood thread spools I had in my stash.
Snowman Spool
I’m sticking with plain white glue with my Epsom salt. I tried Diamond Glaze just to see what would happen. Not so good! So the process is:
  • Coat the bottom of your jar with glue ( remember bottom will become the top) and invert to let a few drips run down wherever).
  • Pour in some salt
  • Swirl / shake ( cover your opening!) until coated
  • Spray some spray adhesive ( I used Elmers )
  • Sprinkle coarse glitter, spritz a little more sprinkle fine glitter
  • While that’s drying, paint your lids
Once everything was dry, I glued the snowman to the spool and the spool and tree to the lid. For one of these, I wrapped a spool in a scrapbook border:
K&Co Spool

Flocked Tree Jar Spool
Spritzed the inside of the lids with some spray adhesive and sprinkled some more Epsom Salt, then lowered the jar onto the lid ( you want to make sure and keep the salt out of the rim of the lid so your jar screws on correctly) . I dribbled a little glue in the rim too.
Flocked Tree Jar
On these, I went around the neck with plain twine. Start and end with a dab of hot glue.
Snowman Spool Jar (2)
Finished by adding a glittered snowflake from a pack of ornaments ( $1.49 or $1.99 for a pack of 12 @ Michaels, by Darice) to the top ( formerly the bottom!) of the jar.
Snowman Spool Jar Top

Tree and Snowman Jars

Now I’m craving a pickle.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Doesn’t Everyone Put A Snowman In a Jar? Snowglobe Project.

I have only just started playing with Christmas projects. What kind of crafter am I?! So behind. But Vivian from The V Spot keeps sharing all these wonderful things she’s done with Epsom Salt and I just couldn’t delay any further.
Snow Man Globe
“Help! Some crazy chick stuck me in a jar”

Here’s what I started with:
Snowman Jar
Empty jam jar and Epsom Salt (available near first aid stuff).
Darice Snowmen
Package of flocked snowman doohickeys by Darice. I got mine at Michaels.

I swirled some glue in the bottom of my jar and then poured in about a handful of epsom salt. Covered the opening with my hand and shook it like a maraca. While that was drying, I painted the lid silver. While that was drying, I went back to my jar and sprayed some adhesive and sprinkled some iridescent glitter in the jar.
When my lid was dry, I glued one of the snow men in the middle:
Snowman Snow Globe
then spread a little more of the salt around him. Ran a bead of glue around the lip of the jar and put the lid back on. Actually I put the jar on the lid vs the lid on the jar if you follow.
Snowman Jar Closeup
I went around where the lid and jar adjoin with a scrap of tissue paper and finished with a little snowflake ornament on top.
Snowman In A Jar
I also managed to muck up some of the paint on the lid but I am calling it an unintentional creative decision to make this look like it’s something old I’ve had forever instead of an empty $2 jam jar and a $.30 snowman!
Snowman Snowflake

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