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Monday, October 13, 2014

Silver, Leather, and Pearls: Bold Necklace and Coordinating Bracelet

Double Chain and Leather Bracelet

I can post this now that I’ve given it to the recipient. I made these recently for a friend. Supplies except for leather : Blue Moon Beads.

The thick chain and bold silver beads remind me of some very high end designed silver lines but for much much less! 

Double Chain Necklace

For the necklace, I used two sizes of silver snake chain ( 9MM and 3MM) measured to 20 inches. Finished the ends with end caps adhered with jewelry glue, and finished with a lobster claw clasp attached with jump rings.

I had some oversized jump rings in my stash and strung both strands of the chain through them, then used one more looped through them to hold them together. 

The pendant was made using a connector link, focal bead and leftover chain from other projects.

Leather and Pearl Bracelet

For the bracelet, I used a 7 inch length of 8MM leather cord to which I attached the same type of glued on jewelry caps and clasp as the necklace. Tied a knot about 1/3  into the bracelet then strung three focal beads and tied another knot. For the dangle, I wire wrapped three pearls strung on head pins and finished with bead caps. The beads in the bracelet and the beads in the pendant match so these can be worn together or separately.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Multi Strand Snake Chain Necklace

Multi Strand Snake Chain Necklace

“Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes? “ So said Indiana Jones and I quite agree! My most recent batch of goodies as part of the Blue Moon Beads design team was full of all kinds of chain including a type I’ve never used before: snake chain. Disclosure: Supplies were provided to me ; design and opinions are mine. 

 Like Indy, I hate snakes but couldn’t wait to play with this unfortunately named chain.

Snake Chains

Here are three different sizes of snake chain ( the lower right is a woven chain) so named I assume because it's kinda tubey like a snake?  To use this chain you need to attach specific end caps ( they come w/ the packages of the chain) and just need a little jewelry glue to attach.

I cut each type of chain to about 16 inches, attached the end caps and then grouped the chains together using jump rings. This is a really simple project. The depth and texture comes from the variety of chains used.

Snake Chain Necklace BMB

I didn’t intentionally twist the chains. I just kind of let them do their thing and wasn’t trying to make them lay flat. I like the way they just do what they do and you can see in the first picture how they hang.

Snake Chain Choker

I used a toggle clasp to finish and voila!

Supplies Needed:
  • BMB 1MM, 3MM and 6MM Snake Chain
  • BMB 5MM Silver Woven Chain
  • BMB Silver Toggle Clasp
  • Silver Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Glue
You can find BMB supplies at your local JoAnns.

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