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Monday, September 26, 2011

Repurposed Dress Halloween Wreath

Yes, all those words really do go together.
I recently cleaned out my closet and while I donated most things to Goodwill, I saved a few pieces because of the fabric. One was a black and white checked dress . I’ve see tons of cute yarn wreath ideas but know I don’t have the patience for all that wrapping. But I thought hmmmm….maybe strips of fabric? Out came the rotary cutter and I cut strips and strips and strips (I think about 20 total) and tied them around one of those green styro wreath forms from Dollar Tree.

 Since I was not at all sure where this was going, or if it was going anywhere, I didn’t take pics along the way. Once I had my wreath form wrapped, I trimmed the edges with pinking shears . I thought it would be fun to give this wreath a back so I cut a circle of Halloween Cardstock from DCWVs “Ghosts and Goblins” pack and hot glued it to the back.
I had a pack of black Halloween silhouette die cuts I picked up at Michaels ( Recollections) . Fingerpainted some glue randomly on my selected images and sprinkled with fine clear glitter and the middle vial of  this stuff I found at Michaels from Art C:

I embellished another bird the same way and went over the spiders with just the glue, glitter and some self adhesive rhinestones.
Finished it off with some ribbon from my stash (one of those after Christmas I know I’ll use it sometime finds at 75% off somewhere!)
What’s in your closet?
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