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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Father's Day "DAD" Printable

DAD Printable Papyrus

I’ve mentioned how totally hooked on PicMonkey I am. I made a Father’s Day printable and had fun playing with it in PicMonkey.

Sharing here in its original form but also with two PicMonkey effects that I think are perfect for Father’s Day.
The first was made using a Papyrus filter in PicMonkey. Select. Apply.  Done.

DAD Printable

This one is the basic printable.

DAD Printable Paint

And this one is using a paint filter. Again so easy. Choose, Apply, Done.

Click on the one you like to bring to full size and then right click to Save As. If you use, would love to see!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Tulips

My PicMonkey addiction continues.  Wishing all of you creative and amazing  Moms a wonderful  Mother’s Day.

These are some pics I took at Seattle’s Pike Place Market last weekend, and played around with using PicMonkey this weekend. I’d give each of you a bouquet of these if I could! The first pic uses a paint filter to fill in the blank space while maintaining the photo. I added the butterflies and the text.

Black and White Bouquet

This one I converted to B&W, added film strip edges and a canvas like texture. 

Iris Polaroid

This one I framed with a Polaroid effect and used a color shot option to make everything but the center black and white. 


And this one, I just cropped , framed with photo corners and added a color mat.

Have fun today whatever you do!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PicMonkey, I Think I Love You!

In fact, I know I do. I try basically every free photo editing program I come across and have not really been loyal to one. But I think that’s going to change with PicMonkey. If you’re lamenting the loss of Picnik, lament no more!

We recently took a day trip to Port Townsend WA, a city north of Seattle which is on the National Register of Historic Places. As you can imagine there are lots of old buildings and I had fun taking pictures of several.

I had even more fun playing around with them in PicMonkey!

Old Bldg Smudge

I used an effect called “Smudge” on this one and a film strip edge. Here’s the untouched pic:

I cropped out all of the construction junk and then "smudged" it.

Old Bldg Paint Photo Corners

This one is the Jefferson County Museum which I converted to black and white, applied an effect called “Paint”, added photo corners and changed the background. Here’s the before:


I have a thing for old doors. Don’t know what it is…they just fascinate me. These I used an effect called Daguerreotype to mimic one of the original photographic techniques:

Old Door Daguerreotype

And the original:

You don’t need to register for PicMonkey. You can just choose a picture and have at it. You can add text, embellishments, frames etc. This could be VERY dangerous!