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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martha Paint and Vinyl Makeover!

Michaels Rub Ons
Mr. Chocolate recently cleaned out his den and gifted me some framed pieces he replaced with other stuff. That plus a trip to Michaels 2 for $3 section gave me an idea!
I am in love with the Martha Stewart line of paints by Plaid. This frame was a plain black and I wanted to age it up a bit so I used Martha’s Satin finish Gray Wolf and dry brushed it.
Michaels Rub Ons
Nice and aged looking now! I also love rub-ons and Michaels has a whole new collection of them in their 2 for $3 section. I couldn’t resist these cutlery images:
Martha Stewart Satin Dry Brush
I cut the large fork, knife, and spoon, and put those on three sides of the mat from the picture that had been in the frame.  Then I chose a piece of scrapbook paper from my stash, and cut a cup image using the Wall Décor and More cartridge on my Expression. I cut the detailed image in brown and the shadow image in black. I put the shadow image on the paper and the detail image on top of the glass (slightly offset) to give it more depth.
Wall Decor and More Cup
Then using the same cartridge, I cut the phrase “café” in black and put this on top of the glass as well.
And now I have a new piece of art for my kitchen for the cost of about $1.50 since I had most everything on hand!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Fourth Pinwheel (3)
I’m alliterative  among other things! These pinwheels aren’t a new idea but I’ve actually never made any! You can free fold  the paper accordion style or you can score it like I did using my Martha Stewart score and fold board. I love this thing! I use it for all my cards and anything I have to fold or score.

I thought it would be fun to use two papers together, So I cut 12x12 papers to 6x12, then scored and folded them at the one inch mark and joined the two different halves together.
Fourth Pinwheel How To
Once you’ve completed your accordion folding fold your folded piece in half and staple in the middle. STAPLE. You need to STAPLE. After you STAPLE stick the the two sides of each half together with your adhesive of choice ( I used my ATG gun) and then you’ll stick the two halves together:
Fourth Pinwheel How To
You could be done here. But that’s no fun now is it? So…I used some scrap paper and cut circles using a decorative edge scissor to make a layered flower center middle thingy and used leftover stickers from my medallion banner project to finish the centers. I just scatted these along my mantel for a little extra dose of Fourth of July flavor:
Fourth Pinwheel (2)
Candlesticks aren’t just for candles!
Fourth Pinwheel (4)
Fourth Mantle (2)
Or they can stand up by themselves!
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