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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jingle Bells…Repurposed Belt

I’m anxious to start working on Halloween stuff so naturally I did a Christmas project first. What can I say? When an idea comes, it comes.
Jingle Bell Belt (2)
For years I’ve seen old sleigh bells on leather straps in antique stores. Unfortunately, they tend to be really pricey and I haven’t been able to justify the purchase because if you ask Mr. Chocolate, the last thing I need is more Christmas stuff. PS. Don’t ask Mr. Chocolate !
Speaking of him, one of his favorite belts recently bit the dust so he dropped it off in my craft room because he figured I could do something with it. Then the Christmas stuff started showing up in the stores and… belt plus bells = my sleigh bell strap!
Jingle Belt 
This was one of those things that looked old when it was new so it was even better after being worn. I liked the texture until I went to punch holes in it. My Cropodile made it through!
Jingle Bells (2)
Michaels had these great bells that are kind of textured, almost hammered looking.
I punched holes all along the belt , and tied each bell on with twine. My brain said it was better to do each one individually so they wouldn’t all come off if one came off.
Jingle Bell Belt
I left the buckle on which I’ll use to hang my “sleigh belt”. And now that I have this, I feel totally justified next time I see an antique sled ‘cause I don’t think you know who has one of those in his closet!
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