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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Girlfriend Gift: Glass Block Sugar Skull

One of my girlfriends loves Sugar Skulls. Like she dressed as one for Halloween one year loves Sugar Skulls, so her birthday present was easy peasy this year...both the decision on what to make her and making it! 

I used a textured glass block that I had in my stash. I thought it was perfect for this since the texture reminded me of melted sugar. 

  • Glass Block ( you can find these at every craft store)
  • Black Vinyl
  • Misc. Embellishments ( I used cording, rhinestones, and tassels from  my stash)

I looked for and found a Sugar Skull image I liked in the Silhouette Online Store, purchased, and downloaded. Sized it, cut it and proceeded to do my least favorite thing in the crafting world, weeded it. 

Lots of little bits and pieces to make sure to remove but SUCCESS!

Centered and applied the vinyl. I cleaned the surface of the glass block with alcohol to make sure and get up any oils etc. so the vinyl would stick well. 

I debated about putting lights inside and tried it and decided I liked it better w/out the lights since they competed with the detail of the vinyl image.  Plopped the thingy that seals the opening into place ( and gave her the extra toppers that come w/ the glass block in case she wants to fill it with anything or add lights) and then finished off by tieing several types of ribbon and fiber around the block and finished it all off with a cluster of misc charms and beads. 

I also added some clear self adhesive rhinestones which are hard to see because they blend into the glass. They stand out much better in person. 

To package it, I pulled some paper scraps from my stash and cut out some flowers using a Tim Holtz die. Repurposed a kraft paper bag using the papers, flowers and some of the Washi tape that was part of my last year's birthday present from the same girlfriend.  She knows me too well because look what she gave me this year: 

SWOON! A collection of gorgeous papers in my favorite colors to play with! See that Sugar Skull paper? Yep it will be coming to another gift for her lol.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spider Web Glass Block

Dies dies everywhere I turn! Despite the fact that I have an Expression ( and want a Silhouette greedy guts that I am) there are times when I just want a single image and don’t want to buy a whole cartridge. So thank goodness for being able to use all different kinds of dies in all different kinds of manual die cutters!
Spider Web Block
I fell in love with Memory Box dies at first sight. They are so detailed! I bought this spider web die and knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. I had some glass blocks in my stash.
Memory Box Die
Spider Web Block Closeup
I ran the die through my Cuttlebug and cut out some vinyl. Stuck that to the glass block. Stuffed some lights in the block. Put some clear rhinestones on the webs and tied a black velvet ribbon around the block along with some scrap black fibers on top. BOO!
Fast and easy project!

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