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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Printables Aren’t Just For Framing

My to do list today ( besides bathroom cleaning) includes making a birthday card. A guy birthday card which I always find a challenge. I’ve been having fun w/ printables and since they’re essentially resizable JPEG files, I decided “duh” , I could make one with a birthday theme and resize it to whatever size I want to use on a card.
So here ‘tis…and you’re welcome to it as a printable or whatevs. If you use, would appreciate a follow but would LOVE a link back with what you did w/it!
Birthday Turq
Birthday White
Birthday Pink
Haven’t made the card yet. Or cleaned the bathrooms!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eeek! New Year's

We don't do a big New Year's Eve thing. For one thing, it's past my bedtime and there are too many intoxicated people on the road. So we tend to hunker down at home and have been known to celebrate at midnight Eastern time just in case we accidentally fall asleep at midnight our time! Still, it's fun to have some decorations to ring in the New Year.

I found this wonderful collection via Living Locurto ( which if you're unfamiliar with Amy's site, get familiar NOW):
It's everything you could possibly need and it's from a site called: Love The Day . Not only is this fabulous, but it's in support of a fantastic organization called "Operation Shower" that provides baby showers for deployed military families.  If you can't find something to use in this collection...

I also found this cute (and FREE!) Subway Art inspired printable via a web search at Custom Printables :
More awesomeness at Tip Junkie.

So, what will you do to celebrate New Year's? Big party, small gathering, flip the calendar in the morning?