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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Those Pier 1 Bunnies…I Haz Them

If you haven’t seen them yet, you will. They’re making their way around blogland. I first saw them on Haley’s blog, The Autocrat, and then again at Jenn’s blog, Rook No. 17 ( where she may or may not be giving some of these away but you’ll have to go to see!) .
Had. To. Have. Them.
Pier 1 Bunies
I went to one Pier 1 only to find they hadn’t yet unpacked theirs and of course they were in the bottom box of a ceiling high stack of boxes and the stock people weren’t in yet. Curses. They called another store that had unpacked theirs. Had to wait a day. Not patient. I explained to the first store that craft bloggers are going to be looking for these and they better get busy. “Oh OK crazy craft lady…whatever you say”
Jenn did hers in painted clay pots that sit in a crate. I was going to copy then I remembered a container Mr. Chocolate had given me flowers in ( awwwww) that had three frosted glass short vases and sat in a crate like thing. Knew I saved it for a reason. I say that a lot but you really have not seen me on an episode of “Hoarders”.
Pier 1 Bunnies
Wanted it lighter and less contemporary so I slapped some white paint on it ( not perfectly…going for a shabby look) and then dry brushed it with taupe:
Pier 1 Bunnies (6)
Pier 1 Bunnies (3)
Much better I think. Filled each of the vases with Spanish Moss and floral foam and plopped the bunnies in. I bent the stems of the ones on the end so the middle bunny would be higher. I also tied pale yellow ribbon around their necks. Not too tight. I’m not mean!
Pier 1 Bunnies (7)
Pier 1 Bunnies (4)
I decided to keep things simple, but remembered I had a key I’d picked up in Michael’s dollar section ( now their $1.50 section grrrrr) so I tied that to one end of the crate with a torn piece of scrap muslin. Why? Dunno. Maybe the bunnies will get locked out and need a key.
Pier 1 Bunnies (5)
Probably on a watch list at Pier 1 now.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Egg

I hate it when I start to question my sanity. Like when I assume that something I see at PB will be on their website and it isn’t and then I start thinking well maybe that’s not where I saw it! I  know I saw some floral eggs at PB last week. I was short on time so I just figured they’d be on their website and I could take a closer look. Well no. But I wanted to make them! (insert big stamping foot pout here).  Here’s my take on a “I Know I Saw This @ Pottery Barn  / Don’t Have A Picture to Show You Egg”:

Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (3)
I started with a package of styrofoam eggs from Michaels. $4.49 before 40% for a package of 4.
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (2)
And a stem of these silk cherry blossom things for $1.49
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg
Other materials, straight pins and a ginormous bag of “pearls” from my bead stash.
I inserted a screw eye into the top of the egg. Then I popped one of the blossoms (they’re two layers each) off of the stem and threaded it onto a straight pin with a pearl and stuck it into the egg. Went around the whole egg until it was covered and threaded a coordinating ribbon through the screw eye.
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (5)
Pottery Barn Inspired Egg (6)
So the next time I’m in PB I will remember to sneak  pics on my phone! And even though I don’t remember how much PB wanted, I know it was more than the $1.86 my egg cost me to make!
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