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Thursday, March 3, 2016

BFF Open House Link Party

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve all and welcome back to the BFF Open House. Hope you all had a wonderful week and March isn't coming in as too much of a lion for everyone. Let's start with some features from last week's party. 

I am all about the DIY wall art and love this idea from Decorating Cents. Andrea added this to her son's "big boy" room but I can think of several even bigger boys for whom this would be a great idea in an office / man cave etc. 

Artsy Va Va shared a great image transfer technique . I love how this shabby chic wood block turned out don't you? 

Brenda from Much More Creative shared these great reclaimed wood tags for St. Patrick's Day. You won't believe how they started. 

This week's chocolate feature is from Diana at Closet Crafter Ohio. Inspired by chocolates her husband brought her from Belgium, she came up with a copycat recipe that I think looks AMAZING!

Now on to this week's party !


Thursday, May 15, 2014

BFF Open House Link Party #158

The Answer Is Chocolate

Happy Friday Eve everyone! Hope all the Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. I've been looking forward to Friday all week and still waiting on someone to figure out how to make the weekends last longer. 

SO many great projects from last week's party. Here are a few highlights. 

Andrea from Decorating Cents shared how easy it is to transform a pantry door into a chalkboard. Form , function, and fun. 

The always creative Michelle from Mich in LA has found a brilliant way to display her gorgeous jewelry. Chafing dish legs! Dangit....just gave one to Goodwill! 

Have leftovers ( fabric scraps...not food) ?  Make a lampshade like  Artsy Va Va did with the leftovers from a chair she re-did. 

This week's chocolate feature combines one of my favorite candy bars with brownies. There's no downside here! Krista from Heavingly Savings shared these delicious looking Almond Joy brownies. 

On to this week's party! 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

BFF Open House Link Party #53 and BFF Decorating Cents!

Thrilled as I am to have College Boy home, I wish he’d come back without bringing whatever was going around his dorm with him. He managed to avoid it , but all roads lead to mom. So, my creative endeavors this week have consisted of choosing between the green and blue cold medicines and looking at the pretty colors on the tea box. Enough of my whining.


This week, I’d like to introduce you to BFF Andrea from Decorating Cents where you might guess, she blogs about decorating on a budget. You’d never guess “budget” from seeing the end results. You may remember her starburst mirror from last week’s party:

She made this from paint stirrers from Home Depot! And she did the wall behind it.

Want to be really impressed? Check out Andrea’s made over kitchen complete with painted cabinets!

If you’re up for a big challenge like this, Andrea’s got a great tutorial here.

If you’d like to try a little less daunting idea, you can see how Andrea made these great paper mache letters for her kitchen

and I don’t mean she found them at the craft store and covered them. I mean she MADE the letters herself. Go see.

Oh and that backsplash? Yup. She and her husband did that too. I hope you’ll pop over to Decorating Cents and pay Andrea a visit. When she’s not busy doing incredible projects like the ones above, she’s busy being a wife and mom.

So what’s everyone been up to this week? You know the rules:
link party rules-001