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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fond of Fondue

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been contacted by CSN to review a product of my choice. I knew exactly what I wanted because it was something I’d been trying to justify over the holidays…a fondue set.  The decision was made when I saw the same one I’d been thinking about on, one of CSN’s stores, for less than I’d seen it anywhere else. A. Lot. Less. So with the amount they provided , paying the difference was a no brainer. It arrived within three days of ordering.

I love the bite size nature of fondue. I’m not so much into actually cooking things using this method ( the broth or oil) but for appetizers or dessert? YUM!
You can probably guess that my inaugural use involved chocolate! Here’s the fondue set I chose:
Cuisinart’s electric fondue set. I didn’t want to deal with making sure I had Sterno and wanted to control the temperature so I went w/ electric. No fondue when the power’s out!
I went with a sour cream angel food cake, bananas and strawberries as our selection.
Cut those into dippable bite sized pieces
Used a basic chocolate fondue recipe which I didn’t measure.
  • Cream
  • Chocolate of choice ( I used semi-sweet) Some recipes call for baking chocolate in which case you need to add sugar.
  • Vanilla ( The recipe booklet that came w/ the set called for bourbon but we decided we’d skip that )
Bring the cream to a low simmer, add the chocolate, stir until smooth , add vanilla. The instructions said to keep the fondue on a low temp while serving but I disconnected it to serve it which worked fine. If you’re going to have it out for a while ( not the case in my house…didn’t stand a chance) then I can see leaving it plugged in!
It was hard to get pics while doing the prep, cooking, and serving and once on the table, forget it. My husband and son were telling me “put the camera down now” so we could dig in! And we did. And ate all the evidence.
I am planning on using this for Valentine’s Day but I had to practice right? I think I’ll have to practice again. Just to be sure.