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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coffee (Filter) Filled Center...Includes Tute

Nope it's not a yummy candy with a coffee center. OK now I'm craving a mocha. Back on task. I know everybody and their sister in blogland has made a book wreath, but as some non-crafty friends remind me "not everyone lives in your world". True, true. Since I'm making stuff for a craft fair next month, I figured maybe there will be people who aren't sick of book wreaths, especially since I saw one recently similar to the technique I'm going to show you that was waaaaaaayyyyy overpriced (IMO).

Here's my finished project:

The book pages are mounted on a circle of cardboard from a leftover box. I prettied it up by covering the back w/ some scrapbook paper. But the tutorial is on the center: 

I used an old ceral box for my base and went "old school" ( would take longer to load my Expression) and drew circles and cut out. Then I made a bunch of coffee filter clusters. 

Fold in half, then in half again and gather the bottom into a stem. This will naturally form a ruffle / flower. Staple about 1/2 way up the stem. Turn on glue gun. Start gluing bundles ( I didn't count but make at least 20-25 for a medium sized circle). I started in the center and worked outwards
I put the first two back to back and then the next two on either side and just kept working around until the cardboard circle was covered:
As it fills in, you can fluff along the way to determine how many more of your bundles you need to add.

Glue in the center of your book wreath!

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