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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine's Lanterns

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Products in this post were provided to me. Project and opinions are mine.

Yikes. How is it almost Valentine's Day already?  Time to get busy with some new decorations right? Fortunately I get to work with Oriental Trading Company and with their selection of  decor and craft items, was able to come up with some new  pieces I now have up not only for Valentine's Day  but as part of my decor all year round! 

Since I tend towards neutrals and metallics, I fell in love ( no pun intended) with these silver metal lanterns. I decided I'd make some altered candles to put inside them but since I knew I wouldn't light them, I chose battery operated flameless candles. They look great lit or unlit and no risk of burning down the house! 

Never one to leave anything plain, I used a Love Letter background stamp to make candle wraps for the candles. 

I stamped on plain white cardstock then tore the edges and went over with a metallic gold rub-on to give them an aged look. Adhered them to the candles with a strong double sided tape. 

Still not content to leave my candlewraps alone, I cut a couple of hearts from some scrap glitter vinyl. And of course, STILL not content, had to embellish some more! What goes better with hearts than more hearts and keys? 

I adhered the large keys with foam dots,  wrapped gold and white Baker's twine around each candle a few times  ( this also keeps the keys in place) and finished with heart charms and a rolled paper rose made w/ scraps from my stamped candlewraps. We makers don't wastestuff  do we?!

Once my candles were done, of course I needed to add some embellishments to the lanterns themselves. Using scrap glitter paper , more Baker's twine,  charms , and paper roses did the trick! 

When lit, the candles give of a calming soft glow. I miss just sitting and looking at the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. I think I've found a solution! 

Supplies Used ( unless otherwise stated all are from Oriental Trading Co) 
  • Metal Lanterns
  • Flameless Candles
  • Heart and Key Charms
  • Gold and White Baker's Twine
  • White Scrapbook Paper
  • Love Letter Background Stamp
  • Gold metallic rub on (my stash)
  • Strong double sided tape ( my stash) 
Happy (almost) Love Month!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Angel Wing Shadow Box

I've mentioned that I'm on an Angel kick lately. This is the centerpiece of it and reason behind it. 

Today is PhD boy's birthday. It's also the day 3 years prior that my dad died. Our son wasn't due for 2 more weeks so the fact that he was born 3 years to the day his grandfather died has always been significant in our lives. Though they never met, in addition to our son carrying on his grandfather's name, he has so many mannerisms and expressions that were my Dad's. 

When our son was home over the holidays we went to the cemetery. Sitting there was this perfect pine cone although neither PhD boy nor Mr. Chocolate understood what the heck I was doing when I picked it up. It was completely closed at the time and they said and I quote " It looks like a giant turd". Well, makers see things other people don't right?  They continued to taunt me as it dried in the laundry room. "You'll see" I kept saying. 

When it completely opened up, I was ready to make something with it. 

I painted the back and sides and using a piece of crackled scrapbook paper, Mod Podged it inside the box. I wanted things to look natural and aged. 

I painted the edges brown, and then using my favorite cracking technique, applied a thick coat of cheap old school glue ( I may no longer have to go back to school supply shopping but I go stock up shopping at back to school time!). You can find lots of glue crackling tutorials on Pinterest.  Basically apply glue ; wait until tacky but  not dry ; apply contrast coat ; watch magic. 

Ooooh crackle crackle

Here's the story on the Angel connection. The obvious is that with my Dad being gone I've always felt like I have a guardian Angel looking after me. The not so obvious is PhD boy has an Angel tattoo that represents many themes for him but is rooted in the story "Flying Home" by the author Ralph Ellison. This project brings these two together. 

The foil wings I found at Michaels for $4.99 for a pack of 6 sheets, 4 wings each. With a 50% coupon, well you do the math on of course I bought them. 

The wings come on a paper backing with built in transfer tape just like Cricut or Silhouette vinyl / foils. Remove the backing and apply to your surface and remove the transfer tape. 

Oh back to the pinecone! I dry brushed it with gold paint and attached it to the shadow box using an eye screw. 

To complete my project and tie the symbolism together I chose a quote about ancestors from Ralph Ellison. My dad is the ancestor ; Ellison is my son's tattoo inspiration and I am the link between them as the daughter / mother / artist. 

The full quote is: 
"Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors and you choose the ones you want to have as your ancestors. You create yourself out of those values" ...Ralph Ellison
I printed it on kraft cardstock, cut it in three pieces, layered a transparency over top and trimmed it with washi tape. Adhered it to the shadow box with double sided tape and foam dots. Finally to finish, I added a wing charm that's almost identical to PhD boy's tattoo.

The shadow box is my keepsake but I wanted to bond our son to it so I'm not done!

I made him this brown braided leather and Angel wing connector bracelet. 

I also made him this altered candle to match the shadow box to which it's connected, as three generations are connected as a family. 

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