Monday, November 23, 2020

Holiday 2020: Dollar Tree Sign-A-Palooza


On one of my strategically planned outings out of the house and to The Dollar Tree, I picked up these fun holiday signs to play with and I had tons of fun with them! I'm really happy with how they turned out and how they'll fit in with my Christmas decor!

  • Crafter's Square Signs from Dollar Tree
  • Acrylic Paints ( I used Craftsmart and Artist's Loft from Michaels)
  • White Glue and Quilling Paper for Snowflake
Merry Sign: 

I have different spots using different colors in my Christmas decor and Black and White fits right in. For this one, I painted the sign Black as a base coat: 

Then taped off my stripes using painter's tape:

and added the white stripes. Once this was dry, I taped off vertical lines (not pictured) and also painted those white. 

TIP: Start your taping in the center of whatever you're working on and work outward / up or downward from there. This helps make your plaid look more even. 

Peace Sign: 

I used the same process except for this one I went with a white and gold palette. This will go perfectly with a Mackenzie Childs Ornament I have and designed it with that in mind to go on a table where I usually place that.

This one I did the base coat white and then following the same process went over with gold. 

Snowflake Sign

I had a little accident with this one and broke one of the ends. So I adapted my original plan for this to conceal my glue it back together job, using my tried and true White Glue Crackle technique which you can read more about here. "Happy Accidents" are a Maker's best friend!

I painted this with a couple coats of white, then the glue, then a metallic turquoise. 

See? The "Ooops" is gone. I did another layer of the crackle technique...more glue, then white paint and went in the opposite direction of the turquoise. 

Next I Quilled a bunch of coils in different sizes and arranged them into a snowflake before gluing them to my sign: 

This helps ensure your pattern is what you want before you commit to glue!

I would say this was $3 well spent! 


Anonymous said...

I would agree - that is $3 well spent. Especially loving your snowflake!


denise @hootshack said...

I love this sign ideas. I always love beautiful decor on a small budget!