Thursday, October 26, 2017

BFF Open House Link Party

Not going to lie. Will be glad to say goodbye to October. Between being sick, having to start physical therapy and my mom having taken a fall, October can be gone! But on the upside,October has been filled with great Halloweeen and Fall projects shared by the awesome attendees who come to my little party and this has been THE bright spot in an otherwise icky month! 

Let's see some great ideas from last week! 

Pumpkins in decor carry us through November. I adore these Glitter Glass pumpkins shared by Mary Jo from  Masterpieces of My Life. She got a PB look w/ out a PB price! 

Another fun and inexpensive pumpkin idea is from Chas's Crazy Creations . She used a Dollar Tree pumpkin and lights and I can see all kinds of possibilities that would be perfect for November projects! 

I have a love-hate relationship with pies. I love making them. I hate cutting them. I can rarely get a piece of pie out of the dish without destroying it. So these Mini Pumpkin Pies from From Play Dates to Parties are a perfect solution. Plus they make for easy transportation of leftovers!

Before we leave Halloween though, here are a couple of  chocolatey treats you still have time to make!

Love these adorable Witches Brew Bites from Manic Mama of 3

And if you're the kind of person who manages to have leftover Halloween candy ( much respect!) or you pick up a few bags on sale after Halloween, Pin these :

from Sugar Spice and Family Life. I'm always looking for ways to bring chocolate to Thanksgiving. The colors of these are perfect! 

Now, let's see what you've been up to this week! 



Jas @ All that's Jas said...

Thank you for the party. So much inspiration here! Have a great day.

Chas' Crazy Creations said...

Thank you so very much for the feature Carol. I thank you also for hosting a place for all of us to share ideas. Hugs!

Artsy VaVa said...

I'm sorry you've had a bad month and I hope that November will be fabulous for you!!! Thanks for the party. Have a good weekend.

mjmaterazo said...

thank you for the glitter pumpkin feature; it's so fun to join the party every week. looking forward to sharing november with you and hope it's looking up. xo- maryjo

Michelle L. said...

Oh, Carol, I'm so sorry about your mom! It's so tough seeing someone you love hurting. Sending love!