Monday, May 8, 2017

Lettering Practice: Monday Motivation from Hermione Granger

Happy Monday all. (Trying to have a better attitude about Mondays!)

I lettered this quote from "Harry Potter" specifically from one of my favorite characters, Hermione Granger. 

I was Hermione as a child. My nose always in a book and in love with libraries and and bookstores, and my parents sent me to the dictionary and encyclopedia when I had questions. 

I've been practicing "bounce" lettering which basically brings the lower parts of the letter down lower so when you start the next letter it looks higher and "bounces" ( this is completely MY very simple explanation!). 

Here are some explanations of bounce lettering from more expert sources. 

From Dawn Nicole Designs: How to Do Bounce Lettering
From One Artsy Mama: Basic Bounce Lettering
From Pinterest: Bounce Lettering

Another of  my favorite HP characters, Mad Eye Moody, sums it up when it comes to lettering: "Constant Vigilance" which translates for me to Practice Practice Practice.

Happy Monday ( working on that). 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Love this one, and it's a great quote. I always feel like I'm a mix of Hermione and Luna. I love books and learning and I was a good student (plus, I have brown eyes, frizzy brown hair, and I used to have buck teeth). I feel like Luna because she doesn't have tons of friends - she's quirky - and she's just as fascinated by learning as Hermione.

mypixieblog said...

Love this calligraphy and that quote! Never heard of bounce lettering before :) ps--that was me as a child and an adult, too!

Michelle L. said...

So cute! The bounce explanation was perfect (any more complicated would go right over my head) and I was 95% Hermione too. I never got the magical tooth reduction, tho - had to endure braces.

Bev Carter said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Basket Weave Heart for Mother's Day. What a special treat and lovely surprise.