Monday, October 19, 2015

Creepy Bride and Groom Silhouettes: Easy Vinyl Project

I get teased by my family for picking things up without a plan in mind...I can't imagine any crafter who doesn't experience this!  Maybe not the teasing but the picking up items without a plan. Or, the teasing. 

During the Summer I picked up a pack of metallic painted canvases at Michaels for 70% off. Two gold and two silver 8x8 originally 9.99 that I got for 2.99!  When I saw these creepy silhouettes in the ( no pun intended) Silhouette Online Store I knew what I wanted to do with my steal deal  canvases. 

This is such an easy project I didn't take pictures of the process because it's as easy as : 

  • Download images ($.99 each)
  • Size, cut with your Silhouette ( I have a Cameo) 
  • Apply to already painted canvas
  • Embellish
To embellish them I used metallic self adhesive rhinestones and washi tape. Easy Peasy


Muchmore Creative said...

Love how they turned out! I to have a habit of buying craft supplies before I know what I will use it for! All good crafters do that :) Have a great week!

Michelle L. said...

OooOOOoo! These are fabulous! See, only you would find a restrained and classy way to use silver and gold canvases. Yes, I am subjected to the same teasing, eye rolling and guffawing. They don't know! We are geniuses but unappreciated in our own homes.

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