Monday, July 29, 2013

Field Trip: Arts Fair(s) and Chocolate. Perfect Day!

I didn't do much in the way of creating this weekend but that doesn't mean it wasn't a creative weekend. For the past 67 years, my hometown has held an arts festival the last weekend of July. I've attended it for as long as I can remember ( NOTE: NOT the 67 years!) . What started out as one fair, has now grown into three separate fairs that take up a large chunk of downtown. I didn't photograph everything because a lot of the artists don't allow pics which I respect. The fair(s) takes place the last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of July and attracts artists local and national.  The main fair is the Bellevue Arts Museum Fair , accompanied by the Bellevue Festival of the Arts,  and the 6th Street Fair.

Mr. Chocolate and College Boy both enjoy going to this too which makes it great for me knowing I can take my time looking at everything. The Bellevue Arts Museum hosts a kids fair with all kinds of creative activities for the little ones. College Boy reminisced about the years he enjoyed doing all the stuff. I love living in a city that has a passion for the arts. 

Each year a different artist recreates a classic piece of art in chalk in the front of the Art museum. 

I always hate it when the rain washes it away :( I love that they close down a road outside of the museum and provide boxes of chalk for artists ( mostly young, some older!) to do their own chalk art. 

I loved this booth that was filled with all kinds of whimsical creations. Forms the artist designed freehand and then covered with old maps and all kinds of found ephemera from bottle caps, game pieces, old jewelry. She had smaller pieces too: 

If you're ever this way the last weekend of July, this is a MUST attend event. 

We can even tell the weather by this annual event because I can't remember a year where it's rained or not been gorgeous. After doing the Arts fair, we headed to downtown Seattle and to the Pike Place market. Mr. Chocolate and I go there regularly and since College Boy is home for a bit he wanted to go. We love all of the fresh produce, seafood, and artisans that make up the market. Even though we're regulars, we discovered something new and OMG TO DIE FOR! 

THE most amazing Greek yogurt place just opened a couple of weeks ago at the main entrance to the Market.  It's called Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt and as the name implies, it is Greek style yogurt but with an incredible array of fruit and chocolate toppings. Think a gelateria for yogurt. We each got a walkaround cup. Mr. Chocolate and I went for the cookies and cream. College Boy went for the Boysenberry. 

They have so many flavors and I didn't write them all down but suffice it to say they have something for everyone. Pretty much any fruit you can think of and it was agony deciding between the mocha, chocolate, and cookies and cream! All of the yogurt is made here in Seattle and Ellenos is family owned and operated. This could be very very dangerous! 

No trip to "the market" is complete without a bouquet of flowers. The hardest part is choosing from the many vendors and bouquets available. This trip I didn't actually get flowers because we were going to be doing a lot more walking and the bouquets are huge and get heavy. When we're going home soon after, I can't resist. 

Hope you enjoyed this virtual field trip!