Monday, November 5, 2012

My Super Cool Magic Box Birthday Present

I mentioned last week that I had a chance to get together with one of my besties for a belated birthday celebration. This is the same friend who last year made the cutest gingerbread house Christmas “card”. Well she surprised me with this incredible magic box.The photos don't do it justice.

Magic Box 

I’ve seen this done on a smaller scale as a card but she went big and did three levels.

SUrprise Box

Knowing my love of black and white and grey, she picked some gorgeous papers and made it so the lid and the sides alternated patterns.


Using more coordinating papers, she lined the inside of each layer and made a pocket for quotations that she printed in black and white and laminated. Each pocket contains a different quote.


In the very center was a birthday crane with a Happy Birthday Wish. I love all of the fibers and embellishments she used.


This is one of my favorites! My party pants are right next to my Big Girl Panties!

I will treasure this treasure forever!