Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giving Thanks Card with Pendant Focal

Thanksgiving Card Pendant

This will be a very different Thanksgiving for us because it will be the first one we’ve spent without our son. College Boy will stay at school for the holiday because it’s just too crazy for him to fly back and forth for such a short time, especially when just over two weeks later he'll be home for a month long Winter break.

We’re thankful though that he was invited to his Academic Adviser’s home for Thanksgiving. I’m sending along a token of our thanks and made this card for him to give to his hosts.

Blue Moon Pendant Card

I had this fun brown and black floral paper in my stash , along with these die cut leaves.
Included in the design team supplies I received from Blue Moon Beads was this beautiful wood pendant.

I was debating what to do with it and it just went perfectly with my card so it became the focal.

Blue Moon Wood Pendant

The colors, the feather and flower charms all just tied together with the paper.

The card is 6x6 so I cut the papers to fit and layered them together as shown. Then I glued the pendant to the center panel and embellished my card with paper flowers.

Thanksgiving Card Pendant

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tndj said...

what a beautiful card and love the colors. The centerpiece did fit the card as though it belonged there all along. Love it. TFS

the cape on the corner said...

loooove the card jewelry, and happy thanksgiving to you. glad it worked out for your son.

lindalou said...

I just love this card. The pendant makes is a real keepsake.

lindalou said...

ps. I feel so lucky that my college boy is only 1.5 hours away and will be home Wednesday night.

Judy said...

That is one of TE most beautiful cards I've ever seen! I'd like to do more crafting like this, I think I first need to start building a stash. I remember the first Thanksgiving my son wasn't home. His birthday also happened to fall on Thanksgiving that year. It was his first year far away from home and he lived by himself. I cried for a week worrying about him being alone. He called one day and told me that a young lady in one of his classes (whose family lived nearby) had invited him and one other student home with her to spend Thanksgiving with her family. He was very much looking forward to it and I thanked God for listening to a Mother's tears. God bless you all this Thanksgiving,

bohemiannie! art said...

Verry pretty. My kids are a bit older but it's still hard when they're not home. Our son is deployed for the 3rd time...this time to Afghanistan...and I sure am hoping he'll get a decent meal on Thanksgiving! Glad your boy has people who care.