Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gain Hawaiian Aloha! Can A Scent Trigger A Memory?

I primarily do product reviews for things that are related to crafts, chocolate, creating stuff etc. but I recently had an opportunity through my affiliation with One to One Network  to review Gain’s new premium collection.  I knew immediately which scent I wanted to try!


Aloha. I love that word but more than that I love the spirit of Aloha…something I’ve felt each time I’ve been lucky enough to visit Hawaii. Each time I visit Hawaii, I remember to slow down, live in the moment, relax. Hawaii holds so many special memories for me. My honeymoon, anniversaries, the first big boy trip with our son, and um it’s HAWAII!

What intrigued me about this campaign (and yes, this is a sponsored post but the opinions are all mine) was a prompt about whether scents can trigger a memory.  That is SO true for me. I think even more than pictures, scents bring memories to life for me.

I’ve been introspective lately. Maybe because my son’s growing up (how is it possible he’s done with his first year of college already?)  or just because. I’d been thinking about Hawaii lately too.

Definitely because I would love to be sitting on a beach drinking a lava flow or a pina colada. From a pineapple. With the island breezes and warm ocean waves lapping at my feet. And oh yeah, back to reality!

Premium_Bottles_in_a_Row_0 (1)

Gain has a new line of detergents one of which is, you guessed it…Hawaiian themed. I figured if I can’t go there, I can bring Hawaii here! They also have scents like Sunflower and Sunshine, Butterfly Kiss and others but they totally had me at Hawaiian Aloha.

The first things I washed with my Hawaiian Aloha were my bathroom rugs and towels. The smell is subtle enough to linger on the laundry without being overpowering and when I smell my towels ( don’t judge!) I get that scent memory of being in Hawaii.

Just enough of the tropical scent that brings back memories of sitting by the pool with my little guy ( now 6’3 and in college) on his first trip and his excitement over Hawaiian Shaved Ice, or sitting by the salt water pool watching Mr. Chocolate snorkel.

The mix of the plumeria in the leis, the ocean, the sand. Yes sand has a smell! At least to me it does. It just kind of brought all of those together.

So since I won’t be going to Hawaii in the near future, I figured I can relive the times I have been there and have great smelling laundry. Win Win. Thanks , I mean “Mahalo” Gain!


Our Hopeful Home said...

First of all, wow, love the new look! Second of all, I'm quite jealous of your Hawaiian excursions. Never been there myself. Maybe some day....wish I could use the Gain but my whole family needs a free and clear detergent due to really sensitive skin. NO perfumes! Boo hoo, guess I have to miss that tropical treat!

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