Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Altered Canvas: Stashbusting Tale of Crazy Michaels Lady

One of the most dangerous sections of Michaels for me is their used to be  $1 section that’s now 2 for $3 (sorry Michaels, I’m still not over that although it hasn’t deterred me).

Key Canvas (2)

Despite my grumbling about the whole 2 for $3 thing, that section is a treat for me. It gets even better when that section goes on sale. Yes, that is me... the crazy lady doing the happy dance and talking to herself in that section and digging through the bins trying not to drop stuff because she didn't think she needed a basket because she came for just one thing. You’ve been warned.

Last year, I went a little wackadoodle over rub-ons. Completely justified since they don’t take up a lot of room and can be used on everything and I really truly will use all of the ones I bought ( someday).

Then when I was there on a trip not too long ago, I did an extra happy dance because that section had these cool mirrored pins in all kinds of shapes , ON SALE, and one of the shapes was a key that happened to go with key rub-ons I bought last year! Breathe.

Michaels Key Pin

Now this would have been cute as a pin,  but I’m not much of a pin wearer. So naturally I snapped the pin back off.

I had an 8x10 canvas in my stash that I covered with some shabby paper by Little Black Dress and then went to my scraps and pulled out some coordinating pieces. Layered them on the canvas w/ Mod Podge.

Key Canvas (3)

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. I used the paper the pins came on and glued those to the canvas. Didn't even tear them or cut them just used as they came.

Tore a sheet from a notepad ( from the same section) and stuck that in the middle. Enter my last year’s rub-ons, an adhesive scrabook border and done and done.

Key Canvas (4)

Key Canvas

Easy, inexpensive, and “green” since I used packaging from the pins.

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lindalou said...

I was a Michaels a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun in the $1 bin. (The price increase must have come after I was there.)

I have to admit it was fun.

Michelle L. said...

Gorgeous! Love the pairing of the mirrored cuties and the rub ons. I used to be that girl who is too cool for a basket - now I grab a cart when I walk in. Craft Addicts Anonymous, anyone?

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen you at Michaels!!!! Seriously though, that is one great project! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great job, love the green aspect!

Balancing said...

this project turned out great! I missed the section becoming 2 for $3 -- now I'll have to start grumbling! The project really came out lovely!

Michelle said...

what a cute project! I don't ever get in to michaels. Didn't know they ever had a $1 section!

Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Awesome canvas! And I so relate to the "crazy lady dropping things because I didn't need a basket, came in for one thing, and then got excited over the stuff in the dollar bin" because I've done that so many times.

Unknown said...

Love this altered canvas! And love that there's someone else who gets just as "determined" to put it nicely, as me when in Michaels! (Probably good we don't shop at the same one, for obvious reasons!)

Skylar Magazine said...

This is really neat. I haven't been to Michaels in quite a few years. Ours isn't that close by, but I do love that place. We use to have a JoAnn's down the street and it closed. That's a cool place, but Michaels is way better. This is a really cool project though.

My name is Sarah, I'm a new follower and I've really enjoyed your blog.